Government to Change the Face of Baran with MJSA phase II


Baran, a small district located in south-eastern Rajasthan faces extreme dry climate with acute water shortage, except in the monsoon season. Though the district has five small rivers flowing through the cities, they fail to quench thirst during sultry summer season. To help resolve water crisis in Baran, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje was determined to launch MJSA phase II – the second phase of her ambitious rainwater harvesting scheme in Baran.

Considering the productive outcome of the first phase that was successfully implemented in 3,529 Rajasthan villages, Rajasthan government looks forward to transforming Baran into a green, water-independent district in future.

MJSA phase II in Baran: CM Ensures Water Independence for Baran Residents

CM Raje landed in Tulsa village of Baran to commence the proceedings of the second phase.

Rajasthan government had spent total 1192 crores (raise by crowd funding) in the first phase. The first phase was launched in 3,529 villages. This has boosted underground water table level by 15 feet. After 6 months, these reservoirs are filled with 11,170 million cubic feet water. In the first phase, about 94,000 reservoirs were filled with 95% water up to the brim. Consequently, 45 lakh animals and 41 lakh people were benefitted from rainwater stored in tanks, johads and baawdis. Now, the government plans to accomplish similar results in the second phase.

Addressing the public present on the occasion, the CM said that Rajasthan has long followed the tradition of conserving water. It’s our responsibility to carry this tradition forward. With MJSA phase II, Rajasthan government intends to restore the lost beauty of Rajasthan villages. It’ll help restore demolished water reservoirs, create green cover, supply clean drinking water to evert village and make us water independent. If the state utilizes every single drop of rainwater, it’ll fulfil the requirements of 21,000 villages.

In the second phase, government intends to take up 35,000 projects in 66 cities and 4200 villages.

Key Announcements made by Raje Government

  • Government is likely to start with Parvan lift dam renovation. They’ve plans to increase dam height to supply irrigation water to nearby villages. Total amount of 3 crore 70 lakh will be allotted to this project.
  • A new school will be started in the honour of martyr Rajkal Meena, in Tulsa.
  • Government has allotted 2 crore rupees for construction of Gaurav path connecting Tulsa to other nearby cities.
  • New 2.10-kilometre deep pond will be constructed to harbour rainwater. Water from this pond will be supplied to Tulsa as well as other surrounding villages like Tumda and Kotdi.
  • Government will attempt to restore old water reservoirs (Kalyan ji Baawdi, Jind Baba ki baawdi). Peepal trees will be planted near the ponds to provide respite to travellers.
  • Several individuals and organizations have come together to raise funds for MJSA phase II. Chhabra thermal plant, Adani power plant, Maharishi Markandeshwar University trust and Rajasthan renewable energy corporation have contributed Rs. 5 crore, Rs. 50 lakh, Rs. 20 lakh and Rs. 65 lakh respectively.

With this success of the second stage, Rajasthan government intends to restore fast-declining water table level and green cover in Baran villages. Hopefully, Baran will come out to be a fertile, green and productive district in future.


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