What will happen if history repeats in Rajasthan? RT Editorial


What will happen if history repeats in Rajasthan – How many smiles will disappear & how many farmers will lose livelihood?

A close look at the assembly elections is not required to establish the fact that Rajasthan oscillates between Congress and BJP every five years. Nonetheless, some stats and figures from the last few elections would testify the above-mentioned statement. Out of 200 assembly seats in the state 120 seats were won by the BJP in the year 2003, the Congress got 56 seats. In the year 2008, the Congress scaled up and won about 96 seats and the BJP got 78 seats. In 2013, the saffron colour swept across the entire nation and BJP secured 162 seats, while The Congress only managed to get 21 seats.

These were just stats, there is a miscellany of many variables which lies behind a fluctuating mindset of Rajasthan voters.

  1. More like a ritual

Because Rajasthan has been governed by only two major parties namely BJP and Congress till date in an alternating format, the voters have unconsciously decided to vote for alternating parties after every five years. The level of development across different realms is ignored and is overpowered by the urging need for change. The humungous transformation in the education sector, infrastructure, cultural heritage and better job opportunities takes a back seat. Rather than making a decision pragmatically, the voters are bound by a timeless ritual of alternating governing parties.

  1. Competition with only ONE

Rajasthan has been consumed by two political parties for the longest time. The spirit of competition is there but restrained, the spirit of leg pulling is sure higher. It is not a hidden fact that Congress is in a habit of handing over an indecorous state treasury to BJP. It’s ministers wipe out the state funds and stack as much cash necessary to ensure a bright future for three future generations. That’s big an amount, that’s big a scam but no answers or scrutiny into the matter till date… SAD!

  1. Media spreads Venom

Notable media houses like Rajasthan Patrika have seemingly taken the onus of spreading venom against the incumbent government for an inexplicably worthless reason. Is the practice of spreading hatred against BJP by Patrika another source of filling its banks? Has it only become a mouthpiece of Congress bodies and lost its essence of an eminent media house in the high dose of incoming wealth?

Coming back to the five-year rule which persists in Rajasthan, it is sorrowful to know that even a government with a more development-oriented policy doesn’t get enough time to implement its policies for benefitting the target population. Whether it is the Annapurna Rasoi Yojana or Jal Swavlamban Yojana, if the ritual repeats, underprivileged people will no longer be able to feed their stomachs or poor farmers will be resourceless to water their farms, cultivate and earn a livelihood. This is the dreadful repercussions of following the five-year ritual in Rajasthan.

If opposition comes, they would wipe off everything done earlier and start afresh leading to what? Development or Degeneration? Victory or Wastage of funds? The answer is indubiously the latter, in both.

How simple it is to understand that any government cannot create a dream state in 5 years; things take time and a mere tenure of 5 years for any government is like giving the government the time to only test the waters but not be able to make decisions based upon the testing. The whole exercise of five years becomes absolutely futile as soon as another government takes over.

अधिक जानिए: क्या पायलट का रास्ता साफ कर दिया है राहुल गांधी ने, क्या कहा सचिन ने?

It is understandable that dissatisfaction from a particular government is the reason why they are unvoted. But shouldn’t we rethink that the government didn’t have a lifetime to prove you its mettle, but only 5 years? 5 years, out of which 1 year only goes in replenishing the state treasury, absolutely so when Congress is handing over its government!

Programmes like Digifest would shun, Festival of Education (which created a stir across the education industry in 2017) will become a thing of the past, GRAM will never be able to bring back smiles on the faces of untiring farmers, girl child will not find enough inspiration if Rajshree Yojana gets a full stop.

This is all? Absolutely not! Bhamashah Swastha Beema Yojana (BSBY) is a lease of hope and optimism for hundreds of thousands of Rajasthan citizens. Imagine the loss when this fruitful scheme will only show on Google but not run. Naive and innocent people will suffer adversities and not become recipients of Justice if Nyay Aapke Dwar is stalled. The loss is indeed irreparable and irrecoverable. But can we prevent it? Can we prevent the ritual (of voting different government) from overshadowing our radical judgment of right and wrong?

Because there is nothing RAJASTHAN cannot achieve…We being the torchbearers, can we negate the ritual and give our vote for development, happiness index, and prosperity? 2019 will prove!


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