We live in an ironical world


We live in an ironical world; what we say is not exactly what we mean. For some its smartness, for others its betrayal. And for the strong-willed masses like us who wants to dig deeper to extort the truth, it’s just a mere word with lost meaning. The blank space left between the appearance and the reality is where all the truth lies. The truth which ironically is appreciated only when portrayed as a lie.

Scams, corruptions, manipulations, frauds- funny how it seems but these are the words to swear by if you want to succeed. Celebrated politicians have used it to shine brighter, powerful allies have used it to gain more power. Tale of twisted words and you can discover a whole new path leading towards success. But let’s not be judgemental here. Let’s not come in the path of their ‘apparent’ success. Lets wish senior Congress leader, Mr. Ashok Gehlot a very long and a successful career.

He may not be a man of his words but he surely is the master of manipulations. From time immemorial, he has used the exact words the public wanted to hear and did exactly the opposite- nepotism and favouritism to name a few. Isn’t Vaibhav Gehlot the luckiest son ever to not only bag a job of Legal Advisor in Triton Hotel under his father’s influential contacts but also get to be a stakeholder of the same hotel which later claimed the agricultural land under its area ‘legally’. The firm which was under the scrutiny of Enforcement Directorate (ED) for corruption.

We would also like to congratulate Mr. Vaibhav Gehlot on following the footsteps of his father and thinking stratigically of how to lure the public of its hard-earned money. Be it the ‘Mining Scam’ in Jodhpur where his father, Hon’able Mr. Ashok Gehlot gave the license of sandstone mines to 19 of his relatives and dismissing 87 applications in the process or be it the ‘Statue Circle Scam’ where Om Metals played an important role in acquiring the commercial land for residential use, Vaibhav Gehlot never missed a chance to come into the limelight. Mr. Vaibhav Gehlot surely knows how to correctly inflict power when it comes to making profits. He was then the Legal Advisor for Om Metals.

If we were to believe the sources, Mr. Vaibhav Gehlot might take charge of the rein once controlled by his father. The rein which pulls the broken chariot of Congress is already stained with corruption and reeks of dishonesty. We believe the old man now trusts his son enough to take charge of his dirty politics so that he can finally invest his time on social media. After all, he has time and again proved how important it is to criticize the work done by the ruling party on social media so as to create an impression that he cares. Yes we know he does.. in his own bitter-sweet way. Bitter to be precise.

Talking of social media, how can we forget the dashing politician Mr. Sachin Pilot. He has every quality a half updated well educated politician should have on social media. He has a personal stylist and a make-up artist to make him appear clean and confident along with a professional photographer who makes sure he gets enough frame space. That’s how we should plan screen presence. Kudos!

Interestingly while winning the hearts of lots of women across the country, he accidentally stumbled upon this new hobby called politics where he thought he could play the role of a superhero. Sadly, he forgot the most basic rule of politics- to work towards a cause. Sure he worked, but only without cause. Some of his works include the ‘Ambulance Scam’ where along with Mr. Ashok Gehlot he made sure to lessen the number of ambulances for less pollution. What he didn’t know was, lesser pollution will lead to more mortality rate. But I am sure, with a deceptive face like that and a partner in need in the form of Mr. Gehlot, can pull him out of any trouble. Because on his own, he cannot even win the votes of his own constituency.

It’s high time that Congress should wake up and work for its people rather than playing the blame game. But then again, that’s the irony!!