Rajasthan – A New Hub For Foreign Investors!!


Rajasthan is known to have its roots deeply embedded in the soil of royal blood. To nurture a state with such rich heritage, it takes a lot of careful assessment of minor details and major goals in order to replenish it continuously. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who comes from the lineage of Scindian royals herself, knows exactly how to upgrade the strata of the state keeping in mind the needs of a common man.

Being the first woman Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Raje works diligently towards the development of Rajasthan by involving herself into various causes which were earlier untouched and beyond thinking. She not only showed the people that it’s good to dream, she also presented examples of making it into a reality.

Giving hope to a common man, this woman kept on recognising and adapting herself to the needs of the state by continuously monitoring it on various levels. Be it trade, tourism, health or agriculture- there are several schemes going on simultaneously along with the newly introduced schemes.

In the wake to Vasundhara Raje’s governance, Rajasthan’s soil welcomed the participation of international countries like Russia, Japan, Dubai and Singapore. Attributed solely to the efforts and hardwork of this lady, foreign countries are slowly recognising the potential of Rajasthan, thus willingly contributing to its development.

Adding another feather to her cap, Vasundhara Raje will play the host to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Udaipur from Oct 5- Oct 6.  Out of 29 states and more than 500 cities of India, PM Lee chose to spend two days out of his five-day trip to India in Udaipur with his wife. Call it the spectacular beauty of the city or the recent venture of Singapore in Rajasthan, one cannot deny the fact that a city like Singapore- world leader in technology and economy- must have been thoroughly impressed by the development of the state that he agreed to attend the launch of Centre of Excellence for Tourism Training as part of skills development collaboration under the India Singapore Strategic Partnership which signed in November 2015.

During her Singapore visit discussion in 2014, important issues like water management, skill development, urban planning were discussed. It is a huge achievement that the discussion has resulted in the form of Agreement and now Singapore will focus on building capacities and knowledge in sustainable water management and waste water reuse in Rajasthan.

Two agreements- one MoU on cooperation on tourism and urban solutions between IE Singapore and the government of Rajasthan and another agreement on a capacity-building program in tourism and hospitality- will also be signed.

With the recent launch of the “first ever non-stop flight” connecting Jaipur and Singapore on 2 October, Singapore is surely eyeing Rajasthan for its future endeavours. Otherwise why would Singapore ignore the mere 5 hour difference between Delhi and Jaipur and nonetheless launch the Singapore Airlines in Jaipur!

Raje’s Rajasthan is reaching new heights with every passing phase. Unaffected by criticism and hurdles, CM Vasundhara Raje has proved that she is undoubtedly the most deserving candidate of  UNO’s “Women Together Award” in 2007