Rajasthan Tourism Ad Campaigns Are As Luring and Enchanting As The Sand State Itself


    Rajasthan tourism ad campaigns start with a mellifluous jingle and perfectly entwines with the idea.

    “Maati baandhe painjanee,

    bangdi pehne baadli,

    Dedo dedo baavdo,

    Ghod-mathod baavdi…

    Which means:

    “The sand wears anklet,

    sky wears bangles,

    the clouds are taking different shapes

    the earth is beautifully revolving and rotund…

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    The sand state occupies the largest part in the country land but was losing space in world escapades’ wander-list with humongous downfall in its tourism account. Breaking this trend, state government decided to put some handsome investment in state’s tourism campaign.

    Handling over this to Ogilvy and Mather, state government invested a big amount of faith in the firm for creating an ad campaign which could flip state tourism’s facet. Subsequently, we saw a trail of enthralling ads based on scopes of adventure and exploration in Rajasthan. The ad campaign runs under the notion that, “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder“. They have shown Rajasthan from different perspectives of different travellers.

    Also, they highlight the diversity of the state and foster the undiscovered aspects of the sand state. CM Vasundhara Raje with her creative flair wanted to take Rajasthan tourism through a stroke of transformation which can lure the youth to discover this vast state.

    The artistic logo

    Sand epitomizes the Rajasthan on the first hand and that’s what they have used in the Rajasthan tourism logo. The logo represents variety of things about the state, like sand, camels and appearance of moustache. It manifests the ever changing Rajasthan like just like the dunes of sand.

     Ad films

    After the logo, the digital artisans have created ad films which are in tune with fusion Rajasthani folk music. The video ads are more than capable to make the viewers experience limerence towards the Rajasthan’s abiding beauty.

    Taking an idea as base, they created number of ads and embedded the state’s name with different travellers’ names who viewed the state with their standpoints. For example, Janesthan -Rajasthan, in which Jane, a traveller spotted a picturesque and breathtaking view of the state. Likewise, it is also Aryasthan because Arya saw it as an amicable and inviting place. Rajasthan also has an adventurous side to it which has been shown in “Huansthan – Rajasthan” video.

    The makers have attempted to give life to the idea that, Rajasthan is so big and diverse that, “Jaane kya dikh jaaye” (you never know what you might discover)!

    Here We Listed the Rajasthan Tourism Ads Campaigns







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