Rajasthan Tourism Plans To Elevate State Grandeur With Tourism Campaigns

rajasthan tourism

Rajasthan state has decided to raise the state tourism calibres to get to the target of 50 million domestic and foreign tourists every year. Under the vision of CM Raje, the tourism department is all set to elevate its level for state’s benefit.

As Rajasthan is a tourist centric state, the state government is striving to bring innovation in this field. Additional chief secretary of tourism, Nihal Chand Goel mentioned, “the department has started the consultation process with various stakeholders on various elements to be incorporated in the new policy”.

Rajasthan has always welcomed tourists from all corners of the world. Consisting of 33 distinct districts, the state has its own colour of culture and heritage. Thus, tourism is one vital source to bring plethora of income in the state. State Tourism section is its pathway to design conventional as well as innovative ways to attract more number of tourists than the state escorting in current scenarios.

Rajasthan Tourism Campaign

Nihal Chand Goel furtehr added that, “Rajasthan tourism will kick-off a multi-modal and multi-crore global marketing campaign, inspired by the Incredible India campaign, and the success of states like Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in recent times”.

The hue of Rajasthan is like seven colours of rainbow and that’s why the state is a hub spot for photographers, writers and artists. In past three years, the state infrastructure has taken a humongous shift in positive terms. For instance, a direct flight from Singapore to Jaipur has been recently launched and also a state-of-the- art skill development centre for hospitality has been introduced in Udaipur.

Unlike any other state, Rajasthan conducts variety of folk festivals, exhibitions, and events. The very recent one is Ranthambore festival, in which the wanderlusters will only not be catered with abiding Rajasthani heritage, mellifluous music and sumptuous food but they will also savour many organised events and plays.


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