Differences with PM Modi are just fabricated stories stemmed by media; Vasundhara Raje reaffirms to clear the air


On Tuesday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje dismissed reports of her having differences with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said this was a “perception” created by the media as both of them seldom talk.

She said, “You all have tried to create that perception (she and Modi not going well together)…that I am a ‘maharani’…this is how it is…how far will you create perceptions? I have had no problems till now with him (referring to the PM).”

On being asked if the opposition was correct in saying that both leaders don’t share a jolly relationship(‘banti nahin’) between her and the PM, she said, “Things are going good in the state. Whenever there is a positive development you would be reading the tweets (by the PM) too. I never feel so, if it is about perception then you help us change it.”

“You will not talk everyday,no one talks to me everyday when it comes to state affairs. When requirement arises, we talk, we meet and conferences are held and issues are exchanged. When there is requirement we do. There could be a perception problem with you but nothing between us (Raje and Modi).”

When asked if she was angry that her MP son Dushyant Singh was not given a berth in the Narendra Modi-led government that took charge in 2014, she refuted the statement and reinstated that it is merely an ‘imaginary talk’.

She expressed a sense of wonder regarding the source of these fabricated news saying , “Kitni kalpanik baatein…kahan se suni…kisney aapko bataya”. Raje added her son, Dushyant, Member of Parliament from Rajasthan, is “happy where he is” and all the talks about her being unhappy at Dushyant not being inducted into the Modi cabinet are “imaginary.”
Raje modestly added, “In my family, by God’s grace, we got what we should have.”


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