Shocking Truth about Jaipur Gangrape: Police Investigation Reveals that there was no ‘Autowala’ involved


    Rajasthan police made a scandalous discovery regarding Jaipur gangrape that puts females under suspicion and mistrust, yet again. The recent misdeed that shook the law and order of Pink City did not involve any ‘autowala’, a shocking fact discovered by the Rajasthan Police.

    Two days back a 20-year old woman from Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh) was allegedly gangraped by four people in an auto and so much has happened since then. Opposition parties slammed the Raje government for deteriorating law and order conditions in state. Around 100 protestants gathered outside Sadar Police Station and accused the policemen for not arresting the accused and the feminists raised slogans against the government and the police.

    People pointed out fingers at security management around the railway station and feminists from Women Commission condemned the police force as they apparently failed to implement basic safety measures like the women helpline numbers on public transport. All these efforts went in vein when the Rajasthan Police discovered multiple loopholes in the victim’s story.

    The Victim’s Statement  was a Ploy to Prevent the Truth from Coming Out

    The victim in her testimony reported that she’d gone to Ajmer for an examination. She arrived at Jaipur railway station in the evening. Outside the station, she took the auto that offered her the lowest fare. Three other passengers had boarded the same auto. It was the auto driver along with 3 passengers that raped her. Two of the convicts involved in the incident were named Sandeep and Brijesh. This was the victim’s version of whatever happened to her.

    The police sprung to action as soon as they heard her story and started an investigation in this matter.

    What’s The Truth behind this Incident?

    In last two days, DGP Manoj Bhatt interrogated countless auto drivers and cabbies in the city. The police acquired CCTV footage of around 50 cameras installed at various intersections and crossroads between Narayan Singh Circle and JLN Marg.

    When the state IT team intervened in between, they found out that it was an entirely different story altogether. The GPS location of the victim’s mobile revealed her last locations as Jawahar Circle, Sanganer Road and Pratap Nagar police station.

    Upon delving into the matter, they further discovered that the victim didn’t board any auto. One of her friends came to pick her up from the station and took her to his rented room. There, the friend ‘Sandeep’ and his roommate ‘Brijesh’ along with two other people sexually abused her. The whatsapp conversation between Sandeep and the victim revealed that the exit from railway station was pre-planned.

    Now the police is interrogating the two roommates (Sandeep and Brijesh) and looking for the remaining 2 people involved in this case. Although the medical reports of the victim drop hints that the victim had been physically violated, the police is confused as to why she lied earlier. As of now, the police is trying to solve this puzzle. They may come up with the truth by the day end.

    While the entire country is going crazy over female rights and security, incidents like these shatter our faith in females. The bigger question is why did the victim lie if she was violated. It declines her credibility and raise suspicions on her intensions in the first place. Though the Indian constitution safeguards female rights by laying down strict punishments against the victim, it’s the females who must realise that they shouldn’t abuse these rights for selfish reasons.


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