Trump soon to MODI-fy India


With the most shocking win of the year, Republican Donald Trump has emerged as the 45th president of the United States of America after defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton. Who earlier used to be the hot topic for trolls, is now the President of USA with zero experience in politics.

But no matter how much stir the US election poll results are causing around the world, India still has a chance to benefit from the Trump’s victory. Soon after the election results were out, PM Narendra Modi congratulated Donald Trump through his social media handles.

Trump’s trip to India during his campaign made him appreciate and eventually copy Modi’s tagline- ‘Abki bar Trump Sarkar’. In an attempt to take this “friendship” further, Modi too made sure to show his support in order to take their bilateral relationship to “new heights”.

Recently, Trump was seen attending a Hindu Republican Coalition in New Jersey where he confusingly addressed every Indian as Hindu by saying- “I have great respect for Hindus. I have so many friends that are Hindu. They are great people, amazing entrepreneurs.”

However low IQ this guy has in terms of politics and general knowledge, Trump surely knows how to excel when it comes to business. Winning the election was one such example. If a power packed Modi is praising Donald Trump’s win, we can be sure there is something more than just ‘friendship’ brewing between the two.

Being a true businessman, Trump believes that free trade – and many of its accompaniments like immigration, outsourcing or treaties with countries – must be renegotiated on American terms. According to him, excessive federal regulations are slowing economic growth and wasting entrepreneurial energy.

The major win for India with Trump as a President will be in regards with Pakistan. Modi has found one of its biggest allies in Trump as he once called Pakistan as “probably the most dangerous country in the world”. Modi, after the Uri attacks and surgical strikes, too called Pakistan “a safe haven of terrorists” while the Indian diplomat at the UN said the country is the Ivy League of terrorism.

Supporting Modi’s ‘Ban China Products’ move, Trump too openly disregarded China by calling it one of the main adversaries of the US.

Fate has it, Trump will help MODIfy India!!


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