Raje’s Vision Treads the Pragmatic Path, GRAM Receives Buoyant Response at Inauguration


Smiling Faces, Wowed Expressions and Enormous Participation by Farmers, Researchers & Experts. ‘Ghani Chokhi Lagi Sabne Pradarshni’…

Rajasthan, the ‘Land of Adventures’ enjoys 8 distinct benefits that give it an upper edge over other agricultural states in India. Strategic position along borders, proximity to largest consumer base, extensive connectivity, diverse agro-climatic zones, potent industrial infrastructure, trade potential and single window clearance systems backed by government incentives are a few factors that make it an agri-dominant state. Sadly, the negligence and disinterest of ex-Congress government stalled Rajasthan’s progress in key sectors like agriculture, research, irrigation and manufacturing. However, current Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje was bent on leading the ‘BEEMARU’ state towards progress.

GRAM 2016 Will Boom Rajasthan’s Growth in Agro-Processing, Agro-Marketing Sectors

GRAM 2016, the brainchild of Raje, was a powerful weapon to harness agricultural potential of state. The dream of developing fertile, progressive and economically sound ‘Kisanon ka Rajasthan’ took its first flight under Raje’s flagship on 9th November. The inauguration ceremony of the 3-day event GRAM was a mystifying combination of science, technology and traditional agriculture. India’s biggest agricultural meet witnessed overwhelming response by 20,000 farmers in attendance.

To sum it up in Dhanrajputra Mohanlal’s words,

“Mhaane Asi Pradarshni Pahalya Koni Dekhi. Ab Main Gaanv Jaar Aapnaa Khetan Mein Ya Takneekan Ne Apran Chokho Munaafo Kamaoungo”.

(This was the best agricultural fair I’ve ever attended in my life. I look forward to reaping immense profits in future, with the implementation of advanced agri-techniques displayed here.)

Main Highlights of GRAM

  • Abundant literature on agriculture displayed at Department of Information & Public Relations stall. Farmers took keen interest in reading literature related to agriculture.
  • Experts offered tips on farming, animal husbandry, poultry, gardening, floriculture and cattle-breeding offered at 216 stalls.
  • Exhibition of technically advanced agricultural techniques like post-harvest processing, animal husbandry, harvesting technology, protected cultivation, organic farming, food processing and farm machinery.
  • Special pavilions for organic start-ups, irrigation, precision farming and plasticulture.

5 Things that Amazed Farmers & Visitors of GRAM

  1. Biggest Area Ever Allotted to an Agritech Meet

To sum it up in just 3 words: vast exhibition area. The event extended over an area of 20,000 square metre.

  1. Stable, Secondary Source of Income

Venki Group’s Stall. Pune-based sustainable agriculture expert Dr. Prasanna Pedgonkar suggested poultry as a viable source of income in rural region. Farmers residing in dry, semi-arid regions can receive maximum benefits from poultry farming. Viewers present on spot seemed happy to receive fruitful inputs in this regard.

  1. Exotic ‘Israeli’ Plantations

Rajasthan government has been working in close association with Israel to promote large-scale plantation of date palm, pomegranate and citrus fruits at ‘Centre of Excellence’ operation in Jaisalmer, Kota and Bassi. Tempting secrets of fruit plantation were revealed by Israel’s fruit expert Ms. Mikhail. She excitedly talked about techniques that would accelerate fruit production in the pilot plants.

  1. Contracting Warehousing & Storage

Associates from AVP, Gurgaon imparted important information on contracting warehouse and storage facilities. Several corporate giants have teamed up with the government to finance storage, maintenance and preservation facilities for farmers. These measures will not only boost production capacity, but also enhance storage space in future.

  1. E-Technologies

Helpful mobile Apps were major hallmarks of GRAM. IT experts appointed at E-chaupals imparted information on soil health, productivity management, fruit plantation, bio-fertilizers and weather-based seed sowing. Interested viewers can access this information through ‘Shri Ram Smart Farmer’s App’.

Seeing the prodigious outcome of GRAM inauguration today, it’s safe to say that Raje-led BJP government will achieve bigger and better milestones in future. In future, Rajasthan will emergence as a predominant producer of date palms, citrus fruits, oilseeds and spices.


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