Schoolgirl’s Letter to PM Modi Comes As Boon For Village


She not only highlighted the problems of her region in a letter to PM Modi but also became a local saviour in her region after that. Now, her elected and official representatives are constantly addressing the concerns she chose to raise in her letter.

Since the start of this week, Alekhan Horatti, a small village in western ghats in Mudigere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district  is witnessing the constant visit of officials from PM office to entertain the issues mentioned by her. Also, local MLA B B Ningaiah is deciding to reach the Centre for funds to enhance the infrastructure for villagers who lack in basic amenities.

During the early phase of this year, Namana who is 16 years old wanted to pen down village issues and sent it to PM Modi. She received equal encouragement from her teachers to cast a letter to the PM. The village is equipped with 35 families and have a population of 300 people but still is deprived of a motorable road. Power has a weak reach in the village and health facilities are miserable. On October 6, Namana who is a resident of the village and studying at Moorarji Desai Residential School in Mudigree’s Bidarahalli casted a letter to PM Modi in English and highlighted the peak problems her village is facing.

She did not received a response even after 2 months passes. But, the Namana and her family were astonished to receive news that PMO have directed to the district administration of Chikkamagaluru. Also, it was mentioned that during early December, officials would look into their problems.

MLA Ningaiah visited the small village on recent Tuesday and also met Namana with her family. He assured that, they will seek funds from central to make developments here. PMO also made instructions to state government to resolve the issue.

He also said, “I’ll ask Chikkamagaluru-Udupi MP Shobha Karandlaje to prevail upon the Centre and get Rs 9.5 crore to relay the road”.


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