Rajasthan Schools to Observe Parents Before Admitting their Wards in School

    Admissions in Rajasthan Government Schools

    Many parents complain about their ward’s personality and academic performance without realizing that their parenting style is the chief driving force behind their child’s objectionable behaviour. Since the children are first exposed to their parents, the child-parent relationship influences his future development. Optimal parenting has a positive impact on a child’s self-confidence, cognitive behaviour, performance and overall development.

    Realising the importance of positive parenting, Rajasthan schools will hold interactive sessions in schools. Thus, getting wards admitted to schools is going to be a trickier affair for the parents. Jaipur schools are planning to include psychologists in the admission panel. These experts will judge the personality of parents during interviews and interactive sessions.

    While questions like ‘What are your plans for your child this winter?’ and ‘Will you send your child to school during monsoons and winters?’ may seem normal to you, but your answers could seal the child’s fate. A parent who tries to dominate the school panel, boast or display possessiveness about their kids would diminish their chances of getting admitted.

    Seeing the growing conflicts between schools and parents over petty problems, the authorities have taken this decision. Issues like school dress code, hairstyle, fee hike and use of mobiles and private transports in schools are a few factors that turn this relationship sour.

    Seasoned principals and confessors will be included as the silent panelist during the interactive sessions. Their observation skills will play a key role during admission procedure. According to the ‘judges’ they’ve prepared a set of questions for parents. The questions will judge the parent’s personality as well as their professional background.

    According to the school management, dealing with neo-rich parents is a difficult task. Such parents care about social impressions rather than paying less importance to their child’s education or the value system of the school. This trend has caught on because parents have turned possessive about their children that leads to conflicts with school authorities. That’s why it is important for the school administration to find out the parent’s level of commitment.

    Since the Rajasthan Private School Act tends to favour parents, the schools have adopted this practice to improve the quality of education in their school. The panel won’t decide on admissions solely on the basis of parents’ responses. However, it needs to be taken into consideration so that both parents and school staff can have a smooth 12-year relationship with one another.


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