Rajasthan Pre Budget Meeting 2017: Raje to Present Sustainable, Development-Oriented and Progressive Budget for All


Every organisation, household and government body prepares an itemised summary of their revenue, expenses and fund allotment strategies. All of it is complied in the form of annual budget, presented by the government every year. The budget takes on a greater importance in the administrative environment.

Why is budget important to the government?

It’s because a well-structured budget allows –

  • Proper reallocation of resources,
  • Economic growth and stability,
  • Equal distribution of wealth and opportunities,
  • Management of public-private enterprises,
  • Reducing regional discrepancies,
  • Provisions for subsidies and tax concessions,
  • Smooth production of goods and services,

Rajasthan government has always complained about the paucity of funds due to fiscal mismanagement of previous government. The economic hurdles could be overcome with efficient financial management. Therefore, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje called in a pre budget meeting with civil societies, NGOs, economic experts, consumer forums, women and youths.

The idea was to receive inputs from diverse sections of the society on economic management. This year, Rajasthan government aims to prepare a development-oriented, all-inclusive and progressive budget that caters to the requirements of all age groups, genders and ethnic communities.

Key Factors Discussed in Rajasthan Pre Budget Meeting 2017

CM Raje reiterated her commitments regarding development during the meeting. To ensure sound development of Rajasthan in various sectors, it’s essential to allocate proper funds for different activities. Considering the cultural diversity of Rajasthan, it’s important for the government to prepare a budget that provides relief to all 36 communities inhabiting Rajasthan. Including miscellaneous novel ideas by different groups would accelerate development.

The experts aided Rajasthan government in planning fruitful strategies for education, medical and health services, skill development, women empowerment, tourism, sports, pollution control and cultural promotion. Their valuable suggestions would help the CM draft framework for various developmental programmes, focusing on the ground reality.

Every year, Rajasthan government prepares the annual budget of Rajasthan in consultation with the public. This year, the chief purpose of including different ethnic groups was to consider local requirements of the society to ensure sound growth. This might help the government accomplish its goals.


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