Rajasthan Government Schools’ Residential Education Camps Give a Boost to Board Students


In recent times, the education department has put great emphasis on interactive learning. Intellectuals believe that interactive learning enhances problem solving skills and decision making abilities. It’s essential for a child’s resiliency skills– self-reliance, self esteem, self-learning  pro-social behaviour and overall development. Probably this is why the concept of residential education camp was introduced in academics. These camps provide a nurturing environment for young children, away from the hostilities and distractions of the fast-moving city life.

Keeping in line with this thought, a few government schools of Rajasthan participated in a 10-day residential camp, starting from December 26, 2017. The camp was organised for board classes at a Government Secondary School in Ratanada. Rather than announcing winter break that usually distracts students from their goals, these cramps provide them an opportunity to sharpen their academic skills. About 60 students from Barmer, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur and more than a dozen principals, teachers and headmasters participated in this endeavour.

The Chief Objective behind the Education Camp

Camp coordinator Devi Bijani reported the main objective behind this camp. It was organised to groom students and to help them:

  • Understand examination pattern,
  • Sharpen their techniques for question solving,
  • Answer the questions correctly,
  • Earn maximum marks in theoretical papers.

All students participating in this education camp have scored 80% or more in their previous exams. Therefore, the camp was especially organised to whet their skills. Since the board examinations are just two months away, the students need all the help that they get.

Provisions Available in These Camps

The camp starts at sharp 7:30 am with a one-hour yoga session. Classes start from 8:30am and last until 6pm. Thereafter, the students are accommodated in a hostel where they can dine, sleep and study together. They are given expert classes in arts, science and other subjects. Each lecture lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Camp organisers have invited motivational speakers to inspire students. They give them tips and keep their morale high under stressful situations. On a positive note, the teaching staff catering to student is offering voluntary services to clear subject related doubts. Some esteemed educational institutes of the city have sent their subject experts to extend their support. Private donors have arranged for facilities like breakfast, bed and food to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Teachers promote group-discussions and friendly chats to helps students grasp difficult concepts.

Criteria for Selection to these Camps

Before the initiation of this education camp, the selected students were subjected to a test so that teachers can gauge their knowledge level. Accordingly, they’ve formulated their teaching methodologies for better understanding.

The Idea Invoked Overwhelming Participation from Kids and Parents

According to coordinator Ms. Bijani, initially a few parents hesitant to send their kids to a stay-in camp. Most of them were parents of teenage girls. So, the coordinators welcomed them to stay with their wards. Gradually, they were pleased with the outcomes and encouraged their wards to zealously participate in camp activities.

Nutan Bala Kapila, the Deputy Director of Education shed light on Rajasthan education camps. According to Ms. Kapila, the camp activities don’t end just here. After the camp is over, there will be a follow-up on students until they take the exam.

Ms. Bijani said that the organisers wanted these students to be more focused on their goals. It’s important for them to adopt a rightful approach towards examinations so that they can secure their ranks for the merit list.

This is a unique and new change for Rajasthan. For India– a country that is incredibly talented, but lacks appropriate resources, such camps provide a decent platform for sagacious students. Hopefully, it’ll not just boost their self-confidence, but also strengthen the real purpose of education, that is to inculcate practical learning.


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