Ashok Gehlot questions Demonetisation, while the whole nation is all praises

ashok gehlot

The announcement of Demonetisation clubbed with a slew of daily notifications and guidelines sure baffled the whole nation. No denying of the fact that more than 7 dozen people died amidst the frenzy. The GDP has dipped down, the consumption rates have fallen, marriages have collapsed. But the people ask was it all worth it? Will the intriguing pains borne by people change the state of the nation? Have the black money hoarders been caught red-handed? All these questions have one astounding answer. A big ‘YES’. It is because the results have not only been reported, but also mass-witnessed.

Acts of perfidy, drug mafia, terrorist-funding has all ceased to exist. The top players who had humongous chunks of money stashed into unheard and super-discreet zones have been unearthed to the extent of minutest penny, so much that the ever-mysterious swiss bank accounts have also been exposed.

While Demonetisation has bought forth over 90% of the scrapped currency onto record, the opposition politicians are still juggling between questioning and criticising the mega Cash-clean up drive pioneered by Shri Narendra Modi.

On Monday, Former Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot demanded NDA to release full data for complete analysis of the Swachh-movement called demonetisation. Although complete data about how much unaccounted money has been received, the old politician is still asking to divulge details, while the whole nation has already started praising PM Modi

To engender the situation more dramatical, Gehlot also expressed grief over those who have lost their lives while standing in long queues. When the man himself has been the sole reason for the death of hundreds of farmers, whose rightful properties were seized and snatched to increase the properties under the Congress wealth, how is he even in a position to express disappointment over people’s death. A person whose partymen have and continue to rape innocent women, how can he express his fake concern over people’s lives.

“The NDA government must now provide answers to the nation about demonetisation as December 30 deadline is past. Data must be released for an analysis of the policy induced recession by the PM, which caused immense pain to the common people,” Gehlot tweeted.


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