Rahul Gandhi Again Tried To Slam PM Modi With His Ruthless Remarks

PM Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi

In his previous speech, Rahul Gandhi promised about revealing some secret trades of PM Modi. Ater that, he has appeared after 8 days, maybe he was busy collecting all his negatives for BJP and weave something big resembling to his own scams. Resultantly, Rahul Gandhi appeared with the blame that, PM Modi got paid Rs. 40 crore by Sahara to before he was a prime minister. Adding to this, he also said that, while on the position of CM of Gujarat, he accepted many payments between 2013-14 from the company. He made the claims like, when there was a raid conducted at Sahara, some documents were recovered as proof that, they have made payments to Modi between the period of October 2013 and February 2014.

After the National Democratic Alliance won over the Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi holded the prime minister throne in May 2014. In the Parliament Winter Session, Rahul put direct claims joining PM Modi with the corruption. Not only this, he also boasted that, if he is allowed to speak up in the Parliament, it may lead to “earthquake” in the country. But, BJP was quick to reply on the allegations and said that “Rahul is a non-serious leader”. BJP also remarked that, “It become their (Cong) habit to level baseless allegations against PM. Rahul Gandhi is a part time non-serious political leader”.

Rahul tried to form the most unfavourable comments possible for the ruling government and said that all cash is not black money and all black money is not in cash. He also covered Vijay Mallya in his topics and said, “Modi ji cannot bring back money taken as loans by 1% rich people and hence he is using money of poor to waive of this bad debt. When Switzerland government has given you the list of names of people having black money deposited in Swiss bank, why are you not disclosing their name in Parliament.”

But, the sad thing is, opposition could not come with any proofs and updated information against PM Modi so that they can also stand tall and confident like Modi, without having to make any unauthentic remarks.


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