Udaipur witnesses mounting development in all facets; another feather in Raje’s hat

Vasundhara Raje Visit Udaipur

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje presented a speech in Udaipur. It highlighted that the government furnished it’s full-fledged report card. CM urged the public to reciprocate the report card submission with a feedback letter from the public. She insisted the masses to write feedback letters to the government with regards to the outcome and benefits of the schemes initiated by the Government. She highlighted that these letters would bolster the implementation of such schemes.

On Thursday, Raje delivered a speech to and for the masses, walking them through the myriad of schemes and welfare schemes initiated by the Rajasthan Government. She also announced and allocated a whopping sum of Rs.193 Crores towards the comprehensive development of the city of lakes.

Raje reaffirmed the public that out of all the promises made 75%  have already been formulated and achieved. Not just this. These promises have been fulfilled in only 3 years of the tenure. Raje aptly noted that majority of politicians make hoax promises, but never submit a real-time report card to substantiate and provide evidence of fulfilment. Raje Government has proven evidenced it’s worth by furnishing a meaningful report card.

She demonstrated enough confidence in the public and confirmed that through immense support of all people, the city is sure to prosper and develop.

Beautiful Udaipur now becomes Smart

Raje assured the public that Udaipur will soon become a smart city. Among all states, Rajasthan is the only state which has announced 4 cities as smart cities. She also congratulated and credited the city dwellers to keep the city ultra clean and hygienic.

Education Development

CM Raje also highlighted that a plethora of developments in the field of education have proliferated the number of enrolments in the schools. The number has risen by as many as 13 lakh students.

Infrastructure Development

Raje spelled out an incredible success in the field of road and infrastructure. As long as 20 thousand 258 kilometre have already been made. Construction of over 9 thousand km roads is in the pipeline. Houses and basic amenities have been constructed were developed free of cost, opt the extent of 500 metre. Moreover, more funding will be allocated towards this purpose under the ambit State Grant Act.


Electricity companies have been rejuvenated and revamped in the last 3 years. The incumbent government had allotted 18,600 crores, contrary to only 8000 crores allotted by the previous government. Financial assistance of 97,471 crore have been provided to the electricity department to replenish their operations and business, against only 25,770 crore which was allotted by the previous government.

In brief, a remarkable success has been witnessed in the city throughout all realms of development. Udaipur is soaring new heights of success with considerable focus on Education, Wellness and Infrastructure. The greatest victory for the Raje Government is that public has imposed tremendous confidence and showed affirming signs of exemplary fulfilment of promises. Under the impeccable governance of Raje, Udaipur is moving on the fastest treadmill of success and achievement.


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