Propose Day- 5 Adorable Proposals by Indians that will Sweep you Off your Feet


    Indian parents being unromantic and boring, the concept of proposing to your loved ones is something that we don’t see every day. Regardless of the traditionalism, the trend is fast catching on. Here are 10 of the most adorable proposals made by Indian guys that made their better halves go ‘aww’ with love and adoration.

    1. On-Air Proposal

    Parul Srivastava, an HR Manager working in Canada recalls her ‘on-air’ proposal on Valentine’s Day. The fiancé arranged a personalized interview for Parul over a radio show in India. The couple went through the live interview that ended with the guy popping question ‘Will you marry me? I want to spend forever with you’. Parul was shocked and overwhelmed. She excitedly shouted ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ and that’s how they lived happily ever after.

    1. Flash Mob in the Mall

    A guy from Chandigarh arranged a peppy flash mob proposal for her girlfriend in the middle of Elante Mall. He roped in his siblings and friends in the loop to make it more exciting. After the performance was over, he popped the question and the couple tied the knot soon.

    1. A ‘Bright’ Coffee Proposal.

    Arpita Arora is a product manager in a Delhi-based high-end firm. Her fiancé apparently thought that it asking her with candles and dinner on a beach was a fantastic idea. So, he took her to a coffee shop in Goa. There, the couple enjoyed an alfresco coffee with white lights in the background. He got down on his knee for the proposal that made Arpita feel very special.

    1. Middle of the Movie Proposal

    Soniya Sharma, a 30-year-old housewife from Bangalore is a movie bug. Therefore, her husband went out of the way to ask her out. He took her to watch Aashiqui 2. During interval, he requested the staff to play a slide show of their pictures. The cinema manager also played a video clip that featured the couple talking about the best moments of their life. So far, it was the best day in Sonia’s life.

    1. Punjabi style proposal

    We spotted an unknown guy proposing to his girl in the middle of Union square with colourful Punjabi bhangda and Giddha performers around them. The dancers danced to the beats of peppy Punjabi numbers. It was a rare sight!


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