Jaipur Railway Station Will Be The First To Get Installed With Power Generation Plant From Waste


Jaipur Railway Junction will soon be equipped with energy processing plant. The plant will produce 150 kilowatt power each day. This will be the first of its kind at Jaipur Railway Station and after that the station will be India’s first to have such facility. Apart from the railway station, JMC will too give a total of 3 ton of waste. The power generated will be used for Jaipur Railway Station. The plant installation preparations have been finished and very soon the groundwork will be brought to the use.

Each day, the Jaipur Railway Station produces two ton of waste. This waste will be used for generating the needed amount of power for station. The plant owns the processing capacity of about 5 ton. A memorandum of association would be signed between the JMC and railways to conduct this procedure. Right now, a verbal agreement is on among both the parties.

In the recent budget of 2017-18, finance minister, Arun Jaitley mentioned about inclusion of waste into energy plants for both Delhi and Jaipur railway stations.

Though the decision was recently announced, North Western Railways thought of introducing the same even before that. Delhi station will soon be equipped with the waste energy plant. In this plan of installing environment friendly energy plant, Jaipur Railway Station will be the first one to have it ready. Hasanpura Railway Overbridge which is a dumping yard has been chosen by the railways as a site for the plant. A sum of Rs. 90 lakh would be spent on this project which has been taken by RITES, a union government enterprise.

Under the surveillance of the Raje government, Jaipur is experiencing complete transformation and the installation of the waste energy plant is one such example.  NWR will be conducting and executing the complete process. The company which has been given the contract of installing the plant, has also been given the maintain the plant for next five years.


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