With Priyanka’s Mature Undertakings, Rahul Is Relying On Her For More Than Just Back-End Operations


After Priyanka Gandhi’s successful attempt in favour of her ancestral political faction, the speculation of her entering in the Lok Sabha polls 2019 from Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh  is gathering major votes. On one side, where Sonia has to take a part away from normal party functions, unlike Rahul, Priyanka is coming up as a safe bet for Congress during these thorny times. ‘

Back on Monday, some party speaker affirmed the Priyanka’s active role in party business. She has been credited promptly for very off the track Congress-SP alliance.

With the recent Ahmed Patel’s tweet glimpses in which he has revealed with candour that Priyanka has played chief in alliance decision, takes us to another premonition that Sonia Gandhi may retreat from the future polls of 2019 LS.

Politics is full of watchful and future plans where nothing ends up with a random pace. Priyanka’s involvement is indicating towards one such stratagem. Priyanka is taking care of election campaign from two constituencies Amethi and Rae Bareli. As Rae Bareli was represented by the Indira Gandhi back in her time, party is considering it as perfect spot for projecting the Priyanka as a contender.

This is leading towards dual insecurities, one is Priyanka’ sudden projection as an active participator and second is, this may arise a dubious situation over Rahul’s dominance in the party after mother Sonia’s retreat.

On this, AICC spokesman Ajoy Kumar says, “As far as UP elections are concerned, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi requested Ghulam Nabi Azad and Priyanka Gandhi for sewing up the alliance with a progressive like-minded party, and that was a role for which Rahul requested both Azad and Priyanka,”

With maturity phase, Congress is unfolding in scattered directions which is giving mixed signals about party’s stable future. Till now, it was Rahul who was projecting as an only option left but now, with Priyanka’s mature undertakings, he seems to rely on her for more than just back-end operations.


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