PM Modi Supports Adani and Ambani – An Answer To This Ongoing Myth


On Thursday, defence minister, Manohar Parrikar was meeting with his officials on the matter of weapons platforms and the outline that the nation needs to accommodate. The defence groups in country and out of the country were in great dilemma that, ” in today’s meeting, the Modi government will clear the ways for the Ambanis and Adani to capture the Indian defence industry by making their groups strategic partners”. But, this proved to be a vague news.  Today, domestic giants like Tata, L&T and Mahindra only dominate the Indian Defence Industry. Apart from that, Ambanis and Adanis are striving to participate in the list ignoring all the perceptions about Modi government.

But the perceptions are so much differing so much from the actual facts. But, politics is all about the image and perceptions rather than true facts. That is why, opposition is constantly putting arduous efforts for proving the notion that, PM Modi government is to cater the industrialists, calling it “suit-boot ki sarkar”.

Beating this, PM Modi’s policies are more of poor-oriented than catering to any higher classes. The schemes like Jandhan accounts, Make in India, Swachh Bharat and Clean-Ganga projects clearly indicates that Modi government has so much inclination towards poor section of the country.

But, again, it is hard that harder rectify the cunningly molded facts and outdistanced truths by the politicians. There has been no easy answer to this dilemma. Even if the country like India, strives to adopt a fact checker model like European countries, we have enough hissy-fitters in the rival groups to mis-paint the facts.

The perceptions are far away from the actual facts and these perceptions are acting as a rotten apple for the nation. Wealth generation is surely not a crime but a growth elevator for the country. Under the clean and taxation regime, poor will be served fairly, which will balance out the poor-rich ratio.


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