PM Modi in Rajasthan: ‘Can risk political future but can’t let nation down’


    PM Narendra Modi is on campaign run in Rajasthan. During a rally in Chittorgarh on Sunday, PM Modi on said that people of the country have faith that he can tolerate attacks against himself and risk his political future but cannot let the nation down.

    In a sharp attack against the Congress, the prime minister said “injustice” was meted out to the country’s resources under Congress rule. PM Modi claimed that the Congress has three realities ”Naamdaar Parivar” (dynastic family), corruption and plenty of false promises.

    PM Modi said making new India was the responsibility of first-time voters. “Do you want a stronger India or helpless India? Do you want a Congress govt that makes country weak or BJP that makes the country strong?” PM Modi hailed.

    “Tiny nations which gained independence during the time when India got independence went ahead in development but our country lagged behind,” he said.

    He said in the last five years, his government has fought against poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, etc.

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    “The country trusted Congress for decades but it spent more than five decades in serving one family. Justice was not done with the country’s resources and potential during the period,” PM Modi said.

    PM Modi later addressed another rally in Barmer and urged people to continues counting on him and the BJP party for the sake of democracy. Today, Rajasthan BJP will hold the rallies of PM Modi in Udaipur and in Jodhpur later in the day.

    Rajasthan will go on polls to elect 25 MPs to the 17th Lok Sabha in the fourth and fifth phases of the Lok Sabha elections. Polling will be held on April 29 and May 6.



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