PM Modi can speak at concerts,Tv but why not in parliament ?: Rahul Gandhi

PM Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi

More than Two weeks have elapsed since the demonetisation news went on record. Still, there has been no relief for the Prime minister . He has been persistently criticised by the public, opposition and all those who feel they are being victimised through Demonetisation.

Today was no exception either . During the parliament session today , The incumbent and the opposition party expressed their contractions over demonetisation and its nuances. The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at the Prime minister for the Demonetisation issue . Rahul Gandhi  slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his consistent absence from Parliament’s Winter Session.

The Congress Vice president went on record to say ,“PM can speak on TV, pop concert, but why not in the Parliament?” The Congress Vice president was referring to PM Modi addressing the Global Citizen Festival 2016 that was held in Mumbai. PM addressed the gathering at the event . He even quoted legendary singer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature Bob Dylan. He also went on to allege the government of leaking the information categorically to the BJP before it was actually announced on November 8 evening.

The former Union Minister Anand Sharma took a dig at the government . he stated that the government’s demonetisation move was “illegal” and said that the  government did not have the right to impose limitations on legal money. “What is happening in India is continuing illegality. White money is being accounted. Nobody can impose limitations on it white money that is being accounted,” he said. He also said ,“If PM Modi is saying that 86% currency in this country is black then it is a very shameful statement”.

The demonetisation announcement and its implications surface various nuances. The public is facing a liquidity crunch due to the move. There are infrequent policy reforms regarding withdrawals and exchange of notes.


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