Jan Kalyan Shivir Camp as a Boon for the Rural Natives


In all the rural areas, Pandit Dindayal Upadhyaya Jan Kalyan Campaign has benefitted the villagers a great way in solving their basic yet crucial problems. The campaign has come up as blessing for the rural areas. The campaign started first from Bharatpur district’s 20 villages and from the very first day, the general public received a noticeable benefits from them. Mr. Kalicharan Sarraf (Minister in Charge) inaugurated the arranged campaign in Madhoni village of the district. During the inauguration, he provided PPO (Pension Payment Order) to the beneficiaries. The first campaign was not less than a boon for Bharat Singh, a native of Madhoni, when he was provided PPO by the Minister in charge, Kalicharan Sarraf on the very first day of the campaign.

Even after the repeated attempts and unending commutes from his home to government offices, he was not able to receive the acceptance for PPO. On the other hand, he received his very sought after Public Pension Order on the very first day bringing him the long awaited happiness and fulfilment. Apart from Bharat Singh, other nine people were also provided the acceptance for pension and were also given the PPO on the very same day. All the beneficiaries are happy enough with the fruitful campaigns started and run by the state government.


The campaign started on Friday in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, and brought a whole lot of contentment and joy for 1 year old disabled Yashoda and 6 year old girl Chanda who is suffering from cleft lips. Chetendra Goswami (Reproductive and Child Health Officer) explained that yashoda, who is daughter of Mr. Laluram Bagariya appeared in the health centre and went through the complete check-up. Yashoda got registered in the Anganbadi center during very last month and she was found to be suffering from malnutrition.

Further them she was admitted to Malnutrition Treatment centre through 104 vehicle, when Dr. Goswami talked to Dr. O.P. Agaal in district hospital over a call. Similarly, in the campaign of Hamirgarh, 6 years old Chanda came for her check-up with her mother Kanta Devi. She never spoke because of her cleft lips. She is a student in the Government Primary School of Bagriyo ki Dhani, Hamirgarh. She was referred for an operation of congenital cleft palate under National Child Heath Program. As per their reference, she can undergo the surgery in any government hospital in Jaipur. The information has been conveyed to the state level.


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