PM has a hand in absconding Lalit and Vijay: Congress


On Friday, Congress party said that Narendra Modi is afraid of Rahul Gandhi. Congress claimed that PM is afraid of revelations which erupt like an earthquake.

Quite recently, Congress partymen alleged that NaMo had extorted money from top-notch businessmen like Subrato Roy and Anil Ambani. They substantiated their claim with documents and bank statements, validating their accusation on PM.  To this Congress further spelled out that PM would have initiated an enquiry into the statements, had he not have been involved in the illegal activity of political extortion.

“Definitely, to us, there is an earthquake and that earthquake took place in the minds of all BJP workers. The common people have started thinking that our Prime Minister is not a clean personality; otherwise, he would have accepted the challenge given by Rahul Gandhi. The Prime Minister is afraid of Rahul Gandhi, that is why, he could not say that he is ready to face the enquiry,” Congress leader Pradip Bhattacharya told to a media agency.

On Thursday, while addressing the Banaras Hindu University faculty and students, Prime Minister Modi said, “They (Congress) have a young leader (Rahul Gandhi). He is learning to speak. From the time he has learnt to speak, there is no end to my joy.”

“If he had not spoken, this country would have had to bear a huge earthquake, but it is good he has started to speak, because now, we know there is no chance of an earthquake,” he added.To which the Congress vice president retaliated by saying, “Make fun of me as much as you want, but answer the questions of the youth of the country. Everyday our farmers are committing suicide; we went to the PM with these problems, but he did not say even a word.”

Gandhi further accused Prime Minister Modi of aiding the loan defaulters in escaping the country by bringing forth the name of a, who both absconded due to indulgence in corrupt practices.

To further add to the list of accusations, Rahul also accused that PM had his hand in letting corruption doers eascape. Names like Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya have been named on the list of those who were absconded safely without leaving any trail.


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