Paving a new way for Rajasthan, CM Raje ropes in Singapore PM Lee

CM Vasundhara Raje bima yojana

With the arrival of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Udaipur from Oct 5th to Oct 6th, Rajasthan is gearing up to upgrade its strata among the other states. It is a matter of pride for the state that PM of Singapore will be spending two days of his five-day trip to India with the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

By inviting foreign delegations to our country, Prime Minister Narendar Modi is putting efforts in improving bilateral relations between nations which would eventually boost economic ties, enhance educational cooperation and technical assistance.

Following the lead, Chief Minister Raje will play host to PM Lee for his two-day trip to Udaipur where both the governments will talk about bilateral collaborations and future investments.

In a recent visit to Singapore, CM Raje’s discussion were made on important issues like water management, skill development, urban planning. Within such a short span of time, Singapore government delivered their promise in the form of Agreements and are looking forward for future investments in the state.

Due to CM Raje’s zealous efforts, Rajasthan pioneered in sectors like water harvesting, regional connectivity, foreign relationships, tourism and skill development. Impressed by her vision for the state, PM Lee is set to discuss the bilateral relations with the government of Rajasthan.

On his visit to Udaipur, Lee will attend the launch of Centre of Excellence for Tourism Training as part of skills development collaboration under the India Singapore Strategic Partnership which was signed in November 2015. Singapore will further focus on building capacities and knowledge in sustainable water management and waste water reuse in Rajasthan.

Two more agreements- one MoU on cooperation on tourism and urban solutions between Rajasthan Government and Singapore’s International Enterprise and another agreement on a Capacity Building Programme in tourism and hospitality- will be signed.

Creating a milestone in Rajasthan’s history, Raje made sure that foreign countries like Russia, Japan, Dubai and Singapore recognise the potential of Rajasthan, thus actively contributing to its development. Along with managing the state affairs efficiently, Raje is leaving no stone unturned by roping in international support for the development of Rajasthan. Be it Japan’s investment in Neemrana district or declaring South Australia as a Sister-State; Vasundhara Raje is making efforts to secure the future of Rajasthan by luring foreign investors. As per the State’s records, no other chief minister had been able to achieve international support other than Raje.

State-initiated summits like Global Rajasthan Agricultural Meet (GRAM), Resurgent Rajasthan and campaigns like Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana, Apka Zila Apki Sarkar- Raje kept on recognising and adapting herself to the needs of the state by continuously monitoring it on various levels. Several schemes for  trade, tourism, health and agriculture are also going on simultaneously. No wonder that Rajasthan is now considered the tourism capital of the country.

With the recent launch of the “first ever non-stop flight” connecting Jaipur and Singapore in association with Scoot Airways, Singapore has confirmed that Jaipur has the potential to become a promising market for trade and investments.

Rajasthan, which was earlier considered an urban village, has now become a model  for development and transformation in various sectors. Investors and business tycoons from all over the world now start looking at Rajasthan with a fresh perspective because of changes in policies made by CM Raje.