Opposition Stumbling Upon Their Perpetual Backlash Over Note Ban


50 days deadline of note ban is soon going to touch its end shores. Again, PM Modi is leaping ahead with his nation favoured schemes and fighting hard in this battle of black and white money.

Demonetisation will be not less than a result decider for Punjab, UP, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur elections. This may also intensify the usual political quarrels.

BJP has received green flags in municipal elections in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chandigarh, which is giving vote of confidence to BJP in the matter of demonetisation.

Waiting for the right chance from long, Rahul Gandhi and Mamta Banerjee have already asked for PM Modi’s resignation, accusing him for introducing demonetisation in the nation. They are also alleging him severally some past pay-off records from his time as Gujarat CM. As per Rahul’s notions, he has been stopped from speaking in Parliament because he has some massive revelations to make which could bring “earthquake” in Parliament.

Although Congress have played like a pro on their punch-counter against BJP and PM Modi, but lacked somewhere in anticipations. They would have never thought that, ruling government itself will play a reverse the game and act as obstructionist in some last days. It has left Rahul spell-bound and all his politicking seems to go in vain during these last days of demonetisation.

PM Modi has least considered the Sahara and Birla diaries accusations. BJP emphasised that the Supreme Court has not considered these accusations as strong enough. Also, Congress has been outdistanced by the non-NDA parties.

If Rahul continues to follow PM Modi and his blame game, he can manage to take out something lucrative. But, if he fails to stick to the plans, the charges levied by him may go in vain.

While Congress leaders may perpetually continue blaming PM Modi for moving the game from black money to digitalisation, but not getting enough recalling for this may worry them.


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