Mamta Banerjee Calls All Demonetisation Supporters As “Gaddaar” Including Nitish Kumar

Mamta calls gaddar to all demonetisation

On Wednesday, chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee introduced a new word for those parties which are in support of central government’s demonetisation scheme. She has called all of them, “gaddar” (a traitor) without uttering any specific names. But, even without adding any names, this was a direct jibe from her to Nitesh Kumar. As per the recent news, Kumar is continuously welcoming the move towards ending black money.

Mamta said it like this, “Demonetisation ke issue par sab opposition partiyon ko ek hona chahiye. Jo gaddari karega, janta usey maaf nahi karegi.”


Since the introduction of Demonetisation, Mamta Banerjee is in constant accusation of PM Modi for making common people stand in queues outside the banks. On Wednesday, she addressed dharna in Patna, Bihar for opposing the discard of old notes. She also thanked Lalu Prasad (RJD chief) for giving the immense support to her in her “nationalist” moves in these current hardships of demonetisation.

In her 35 minutes long speech, she called this a matter of super emergency in the country. While her visit to Patna, Banerjee did not meet Nitish Kumar, instead she went to meet Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi at their home. She explained it like, “This is ‘super emergency’ because the financial emergency imposed on the common man is the worst of all emergencies”. She put allegations on Modi government and said they have taken “roti kapda aur makaan” from common people.


She also added that, Modi period will be over before all the notes get replaced. She framed her words like, “”Modi ‘chale jayenge’ (will cease to be PM) even before all the scrapped notes are replaced by new ones”.

Her remarks states she is one of the most concerned lady for “roti, kapda aur makaan” of common people. Though black money seems a foreign word to her.


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