5656 villages in Rajasthan will Receive State Funds to Overcome Climatic Damage


Declaring the climate-affected zone ‘needy’ CM sends in fund and help to support life.

Rajasthan, a state that enjoys 11 agro-climatic zones is often hit by natural disasters like floods, draughts, hailstones and frost. Drastic climatic conditions have adverse effects on agriculture, which is a major source of economy for natives. As per Girdaavri Report, 5656 villages falling under 48 tehsils and 13 districts fall prey to harsh climate. Seeing their plight, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara  Raje declared these regions ‘Stringent’ as in need of immediate help. Accordingly, Rajasthan government has decided to provide them relief in order to fight the affects of intense climate.

Girdaavri Report Identifies 5656 ‘Needy’ Villages in Rajasthan

As per Girdaavri Report, there are 5656 villages that require government’s aid. They were identified as:

  • 2478 in Badmer,
  • 726 in Jaisalmer,
  • 687 in Jhalaawad,
  • 516 in Udaipur,
  • 383 in Jalore,
  • 15 in Nagaur and
  • 4 in Chittaurgarh.

About 50% of the standing crops in aforementioned villages suffered damages inflicted by harsh climate.


CM Directs District Collectors to Help Alleviate this Problem

In an attempt to provide help, Rajasthan CM directed collectors of aforementioned 7 districts to provide financial aid to these villages. The aid will be granted from State Disaster Response Fund. Accordingly, help will be provided to the said areas, as per the norms of SDRF notification launched on 15 July, 2017.

Based on new rules, state irrigation department won’t charge irrigation taxes from farmers. Government has decided to pardon outstanding loan instalments for farmers residing in affected areas. They will be granted extensions for easy settlement. Affected villages present on the list will be exempted from land revenue taxes.

Farmers who’ve lost 33% or more crops to climatic disasters will be provided financial aid through SDRF funds. Government has asked district collectors to improve drinking water, transportation, cattle shed management, cattle camps and depot facilities in these villages. If needed, grace grants will be provided to them to restore normal conditions.

In this regard, Rajasthan government has requested the Centre to aid them with funds for flood-affected areas. A detailed report prepared by district collectors will be sent to the PMO so that the Centre can provide help to combat the existing problems.

Hopefully this step will come as a blessing in disguise for poor families that are totally dependent on agriculture to meet both the ends.


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