Kirodi Lal’s Rally a Political Propaganda to Provoke the Infamous Meena-Meena Controversy?

Kirodi Lal Meena

Political archfiend, male chauvinist, aggressive orator and a convict allegedly accused with rape charges, speaks of leading India’s biggest state towards progress; what has this world come to? NPP state head Kirodi Lal Meena, who has threatened to beat up women at 2013 ‘Jaipur LitFest’ went berserk while addressing a rally at Jaipur yesterday. The notorious MP from Dausa is known for his virulent statements against Rajasthan government for long. This time, Meena went one step ahead to inflame the existing hostility between Meena-Meena controversy plaguing the state. It won’t do him any good, considering there are bigger and better subjects to embark upon before 2018 Rajasthan elections.

Kirodi Lal’s Rally was an Elaborate Show of Power, Hunger & Indignation

Addressing a mass gathering led from Dausa to Jaipur yesterday, Kirodi Lal paraded his communal, non-secular ideologies. He may have raised major issues like poverty, unemployment and development but his views on caste-based reservation do not sit well with his supposedly ‘peacemaker’ image.

Meena added fuel to the fire by demanding 14% reservation for his community. Further he asked Rajasthan government to put existing candidates on the ninth list of reservation. The scenario is somewhat similar to a caste based protest led by Kirori Singh Bainsla in favour of Gurjar communities in Rajasthan. The state is yet to deal with the aftermath of this mass conflict. Earlier, it was Bainsla who provoked Gurjars against the government and now Kirodi, the newfound messiah for Meena community attempted to sow seeds of communalism among natives.

Before this dispute could turn into a hullabaloo affecting state integrity, Rajasthan CM put an end to it by advising both the groups to focus on important issues like development, economic stability and social progress. At GRAM 2016, the CM asked the public to stay cautious of misleading politicians who translate social hostilities into personal vote banks during elections.

Politicians like Kirodi Lal try to mess with cultural sentiments of underexposed, illiterate communities to win their votes. To restrain such issues from rising in future, Raje-led BJP government is working in important sectors liked education, agriculture, skill development and water scarcity prevalent in state. Will Kirodi Lal’s antagonistic attitude against BJP bring votes for NPP (National People’s Party) in the upcoming Rajasthan state assembly elections? Apparently no, because the people of Rajasthan have seen enough of scams and communal conflicts under Gehlot’s governance. We just hope for the acting government to subside this controversy by implementing some solid measures for uplifting the condition of both Meena communities in the state.


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