Jaisalmer Got its First Woman RPS Officer


    The ‘Cinderella’ story of Jaisalmer’s First Lady RPS Officer Prem Dhandev Meghwal, who is bent on changing the ‘scary’ image of the police…

    Two decades down the memory lane, the desert state of Rajasthan had its roots vested in patriarchal values and fundamental inequality. The gender-and-age hierarchy eventually affected the status of women, inside as well as outside traditional families. Inequality cropped up at the time of birth for Rajasthan women. Their unequal status in the family intensified with time, especially with marriage. Poor innocent teens were pulled off from schools and married off to strangers. Very few of them were able to establish a successful career and married life for themselves.

    However, things are much different, much better now. With the advent of new technologies, awareness generated and the society started taking interest in education and employment for women. The reason? Because an educated and employed woman was an asset to family, means of financial support for older parents and a great marriage material for bachelors. This bourgeois thinking didn’t deter Rajasthan women from scripting a success story in different spheres of life.

    Something similar happened in Prem Dhandev Meghwal’s case. This 25-year old from Jaisalmer became the first woman RPS officer of Rajasthan. The state takes great pride in Prem’s achievement. Despite belonging to an educationally backward region of Jaisalmer, Prem established an exceptional landmark for others to follow.

    Before Joining as a Lady RPS Officer in Jaisalmer, Prem Dhandev Struggled to Achieve her Goals

    Prem started her professional career with a degree in engineering in 2008. She was pursuing MBA in 2009, when her parents married her to a government doctor appointed in Pokhran. Not only did she fulfil family responsibilities, but she also pursue her career with equal fervour. After completing her Post graduate degree, she prepared for government services and ended up becoming a member of Zila Parishad.

    Her husband, father and brother-in-law inspired her to join police services. Eventually, she started preparing for it and got selected in 2015 RPS examinations. Having completed her training now, Prem is bracing herself up for a commando course that is expected to start soon. 2017 is going to be a busy year for the lady RPS officer because she’ll complete her training in different police station.

    She’s expecting her posting as a dySP in 2018. Looking forward to a bright future, Prem is all set to transform the typical image of police in the public eye. She thinks due to a few corrupt officers, people fear and scorn the entire police cadre. She’ll put in relentless efforts to change this mentality. Being a woman herself, she’ll be extra sensitive in case of women atrocities and will help the weaker sections in their quest for justice.

    That’s not all! Like Prem, even her elder sister Anjana Meghwal is performing wonders in her field. She got selected in RAS earlier. Nevertheless, she stepped into politics. Currently, she’s working as a Zila Pramukh.

    The success story of Meghwal sisters is a source of inspiration for countless female aspirants in state. Hopefully, this incident will lead to several accomplishments by other women. In future, we might see countless lady IPS officers in Rajasthan. Kudos to the Meghwal sisters for setting up the stepping stone in this direction.


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