Believing In Honouring The Real Diligence,  Rishi Kapoor Said, “Don’t Name Public Property After Politicians”


    Actor Rishi kapoor has recently launched his book “khullam khulla”, addressed the crowd at Jaipur Literature Fest and also came up with a sensible statement saying that, “public property should not be named after politicians”.

    The actor addressed the crowd at Jaipur Literature Fest on Friday with introducing his new book, he made this statement.

    He highlighted the point that, in our country, often, roads, bridges, statues are named after the politicians but there are other people, like artists, singers, industrialists who have served the country like no other. He named some amazingly diligent people like Lata Mangeshkar, JRD Tata who are among the people who have served the nation with their calibre and fine intentions. He urged on naming the public properties on these pioneer people to payback for their diligence and good works.

    Previously, during last year, the Bollywood veteran actor had aroused the air of controversy by questioning that why all airports, roads and railway stations are named just after the Gandhi family. At that time, he was blamed for being insensitive towards Congress and showing sympathy to BJP.

    The actor is known for speaking his mind, and presenting the things exactly as they are. During his Friday JLF session, he also clarified his intentions of not becoming a politician and that he wish to continue being an entertainer who does not believe in manipulating his words.

    He also spoke about demonetisation and said that, “Demonetisation has not affected Bollywood at all. Bollywood has no slush money. It is real estate and the black market that is, rightly, suffering.”

    Also, he didn’t hold back his agony of flop movie series and diminishing expectations after his movie, 1973 release “Bobby”. He expressed it like, “It became difficult for me to compete with contemporary actors after that”.

    He said, “You are just as good as your last film” on the presentiment that, his luxury of belonging to the film family made things easier for him.


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