Rajasthan flourishes as glorious confluence of Wondrous Arts, Inspiring Culture channeling Freedom of creativity and passion.


On the beautiful morning in Jaipur, amidst a crowd of people in lacs, with a scorching sun raising the temperature high but the weary winters keeping its normalcy offsetting the gleaming rays of light. In this soothing temperature and breezy air gushing over against our faces, there was an enthralling performance of Rajasthani folk dancers s prinkling their art and aura all over the entrance of the sprawling lands of Diggi Palace, where this extravagant festival called ‘The Jaipur Literature Festival 2017’. It is called the ‘largest free literary festival on earth’ for a good reason.

The Jaipur literature festival was not as grand as every year. It was even grander . This was the 10th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival. This festival was inaugurated by the stellar Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Smt. Vasundhara Raje. She was escorted along with Sujoy Singh Diggi, Ramacharan Bohra, Mayor Ashok Lahoti, India Today chief Raj Changappa. A musical aura enveloped the extravagant event after all were seated and thrilled to see what’s in store. The audience couldn’t wait to witness the progressions of the festival, which not only Jaipur but people all over the world await for year-long.

A plethora of art-oozing initiations have been initiated in the Rajasthan state. The chief Minister highlighted on eye-popping festivals like Photography festival, Theatre of World, Jogi art presentation. She also reminisced the artwork embossed on Auto-rickshaws, at Railway station and spots at Geological park in Jaipur.
Immensely powerful speeches were delivered by key note speakers who included notable people like respected Gulzar, American writer Anne Waldman and Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.
Rajasthan has changed the face people view art and culture. A slew of festivals all over Rajasthan were held, thereby giving a major fillip to the confluence of Art, creativity and inspiration. Festivals like World Music Festival at Udaipur and Sacred Musical festival at Pushkar have been successfully conducted to touch people’s lives and infusing energies of love and passion.

The event was made even more glorious and magical, when the Chief Minister shed light on ‘Happiness Index’ which has been ushered and raised substantially in the state. She quoted Jaipur as a global experience of arts, culture and tradition.


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