Indian May Have Cornered Pakistan at SAARC, but Why did it Hit the Skids at BRICS?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at BRICS, SAARC

Will Modi Government Successfully Isolate Pakistan in the Global Arena with China playing the Bodyguard?

While India’s surgical strikes in Pakistan on September 29 have definitely boosted Modi’s popularity as a decisive politician in the country, the Centre hasn’t received any success in terms of foreign affairs. The party secured their chances in upcoming UP state elections at the cost of foreign diplomacy.

How Surgical Strikes Changed India’s Equation with Other Countries?

Russia: Moscow’s silence in the context of China blocking India’s request to ban Pakistan-based terrorist groups have shocked the Indians, at large. What’s unfortunate is despite Russia supporting India in its attempt to prevent terrorism, they stood silent as China prevented India from naming Pakistani terror groups at BRICS. The story of Russia-Pak joint military drills highlights the diplomatic aspect of international politics.

US: President Obama openly supported India’s attempt to control military infiltrations along Line of Control but on the other hand, they’ve clearly turned down Congressman Ted Poe’s plea of designation Pakistan the ‘sponsor of terrorism’.

China: Nothing is more disappointing than China preferring Pakistan over India. The roots of this shaky relationship trace back to the UN session where China blocked India’s petition to ban Masood Azhar, a Pakistan-based terrorist. What’s more disappointing is that China views India and Pakistan on the same grounds ‘equal sufferers of terrorism’.

While the Chinese government may play deaf to Indians crying high and loud about PoK, it certainly doesn’t have any problems with calling a greater part of Arunachal Pradesh its own territory.

An alarming point of India is that they’ve already established a strong hold on Tibet and now, they’re hell bent on weaning away Dhaka by signing up agreements worth $25 billion with Bangladesh Government.

Recently, Indians raising voice in favour of boycotting Chinese goods has created a lot of aggression between Indo-China government. Indians are heavily dependent on Chinese government for cash and cheap technology, China’s recent dig at ‘corruption’, ‘laziness’ and ‘inability to produce its own goods’ have pointed out our weaknesses at international level. It is an embarrassing and awkward situation for many state governments, who’ve requested the natives to boycott Chinese items on Diwali. China, on the other hand, is confident that Indians cannot uproot Chinese items from the market as the entrepreneurs are dependent on their items.

The situation is becoming increasingly tough for India, who can’t help but silently watch how things are unfolding with time. The important fact is India’s GDP as well as military force is far behind China, who has strong influence over international trade. New Delhi needs to be more careful, practical and crafty in terms of handling diplomatic relations. How things will come out for India, only time can tell.


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