Haryana Jaat Aandolan Spreads like a Forest Fire, Centre Employs 55 Armed Forces for Security


    The Haryana Jat reservation agitation that paralysed the state for 10 days in February 2016 is back with a powerful bang this time. The Khaap Panchayats are divided in their opinions on Jat reservation issue. Despite this Haryana Jats are ready to protest against the government under the pretence of safeguarding their rights. About 60 Khaaps from Haryana villages have distanced themselves from the protests whereas 43 Khaaps have publicly declared to participate in mass agitation scheduled in 29 January.

    Conflicting ideologies is likely to add a fresh blood-stained chapter to the Haryana Jat aandolan. In a meeting chaired by Haryana chief minister Mohan Lal Khattar, about 18 khap representatives have assured the government to co-operate with the government whereas 43 khap representatives congregated in Rohtak are threatening the state government to recreate an episode of the 2016 Jat agitation in Haryana.

    Haryana Jaat Andolan 2017

    In the recent turn of events, Jat reservation committee head Hawa Singh Saangwan and another leader Soobe Singh Samen have expressed his belief in governmental proceedings. Addressing the members of Jat community, they’ve asked the youngsters not to get influenced by agitation leaders like Yashpal Malik who misguide the mob for selfish reasons. Regardless of Saangwan and Samen maintaining constant conversation with the Jats, there are a few anti-social elements that are bent on creating violence in the state.

    Suspecting another blood-thirsty Jat agitation for reservation, Haryana government is on high alert. The authorities have implemented Section-144 in several districts including Rohtak, Jeend, Jhahhar. The Centre has employed 55 armed forces in public places like railway station, national and state highways, bus stops, government offices and railway tracks on the outskirts. 2 RAFs have been sent to Jeend and 8 to Jhajjhar. The paramilitary forces have conducted a march to inspect security conditions in the state.

    Haryana Jaat Andolan 2017 Army

    Haryana government had announced jobs for people who lost their lives in 2016 Jat agitation. They’ve also assured to release the youngsters who were detained in the jails for creating violence. However, a few Jat leaders, who were unsatisfied with government’s measures decided to support Yashpal Malik. They’ve braced up to organise a mega Jat aandolan 2017 to put forth their demands before the government.

    To prevent and crush any signs of rebellion, Haryana government has employed 7,000 home guards in different regions. The centre as well as the state government will put in relentless efforts to crush any rebellion from taking a serious form. As of now, the government is trying to knock some sense into the protestors.


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