Hardik Patel Blamed Jaipur Police For Detaining Him At Airport

Hardik Patel

On Friday, Hardik Patel, who is Patidar community leader remarked that “Rajasthan police arrested him at Jaipur International Airport”. On this statement, Jaipur police has totally denied of putting any charges on Patel and clarified that, he was accompanied for his safety.

In some initial series of his tweets, he said, “On the instructions of the Vasundhara Raje government, the Jaipur Police arrested me as soon as I got down at the Jaipur airport”.

DCP Kunwar Rashtradeep mentioned that, “He was neither detained nor arrested by the police. He was escorted owing to safety reasons. He had left for Udaipur right after landing at Jaipur Airport. It is purely a rumour (that he was arrested)”.

He after reaching to Jaipur airport mentioned in his multiple tweets that he was “not only arrested” but “the Rajasthan government and other BJP-rules states were trying to snatch freedom(from people)”.

He also tweeted, “Jaipur police said the reason for my arrest, is threat to my life.”

He continued in other tweet that, “In Independent India, attempt to snatch freedom is being made in every BJP-led state”.

He did stop at this and said, “The Jaipur DCP said we have orders from higher authorities, you have to come with us.”

As per his schedule, he arrived at Jaipur early morning and a meeting was scheduled at his relatives in Civil Lines. At per his statements, during that time, police prohibited him from stepping out of the airport, which were orders from top officials. Patel has now levelled charges against the Rajasthan government and has named Gulabchand Kataria, who is responsible for this police action.


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