Evolving Rajasthan Ranks 2nd In The Nation For Toilet Usability and Availability



Since last three years, Rajasthan state has not looked back in the times of dearth and poverty. Once back in the time, when it was tagged as a “sick state” is now elevating to the levels of prosperity. Making an Open “Defecation Free State” is one dream of the Raje government which is on the verge of becoming true. Thousands of villages in the state have been declared  as “open defecation free”.  And, now, as result of this diligence, Rajasthan has been declared as 2nd rank holder in the nation as per the ASER report. The state owns 2nd rank in Right to Education Act- availability and usability of toilets in rural schools.

As the data indicates, during the survey, 79.8% toilets for girls in schools were ready to use and clean. The figure is quite high and ranks second in the whole country. First rank holder is Gujarat with 81.0% of total schools having ready to use toilets. The country’s average is 61.9%.

During the independence day announcement of the year 2015, the state government had claimed to make the state 100% fulfilled in availability of toilets in girls schools. This current figure has been validated with 83.2% against the country’s average of 68.7%.

Resultantly, the state is on a good 2nd rank in the country. And the girls dropout rate is 9.7% in the state. Like the motive of Resurgent Rajasthan said, the state is ranking up in the usability and availability of toilets in the nation. State government’s work is apparent in its results shown by the national results. People certainly don’t need a report card to see what is done and what not. 2010 figures said that 65.4% schools were equipped with toilets, which was again the 2nd rank in the country. In the year, 2010,  32.9% was the score of national average in terms of hygiene.


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