Did you know Rs. 2 could kill life of your own blood and flesh


    Amid Sakranti frenzy, a tourist guide kills his own blood for Rs. 2.

    Who would have thought that Makar Sakranti could have killed a life of a 5-year old. If you were thinking it is one of the commonly happening deaths which happen due to getting strangled by ‘manjha’ or falling off terrace, let me tell you it is a father who took life of his own son. The reason will leave you spell-bound.

    A Varanasi man who could not stand his son asking for Rs.2, killed his son. Irritated by his five-year-old son demanding Rs. two for buying a kite, the man gagged and stabbed the child. The police informed that the man left the child severely injured in Sarnath area in Varanasi.

    Shivam, who is a class I student, asked money from his father, who thereby attacked him. Vinod Rajbhar (35), legitimate father of Shivam killed his son, after he requested him to give Rs.2 for buying a kite. Only Rs. 2 really. I am still choked by the fact that a child killed by a parent is becoming a common nuisance in the recent scenario. When big families of Mukherjeas can do this, this has seemed to seek another level of heinous crimes growing in the country.

    Police informed that, “Vinod, works as a tourist guide and lives in Ganj area with his wife Gayatri (32), daughter Komal (3) and two sons Shivam and Satyam (10), and was reportedly facing financial crisis.”

    The inhumane father second, human-being first took Shivam to the terrace of the house, where he made his son go breathless with the sole motive to kill him.

    Shivam’s brother Satyam saw his father attacking his brother. He instantaneously informed his mother Gayatri who escorted her dying child to the hospital.

    As a country, I feel, we should be ashamed of such instances. This is not only inhumane but more of a ghastly evil-like stimulation to a problem like financial crisis. If there is financial crisis, by any stretch it doesn’t call for a need to kill a life. To add to this, you kill nobody else’s but your own blood. There are far-better solutions to mitigate problems in life.

    In a country like India, where tradition and morals dominate aspirations and desires, where children are taken care of until they become mature, and not left on their own after 18 years of age like in the Western states. Nonetheless, there are lesser or almost negligible instances of child murder in the West than in India. What a shame!


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