CM Raje Assured Gurjar Gathering That SBCs Have Complete Support From State Government


On December 23, CM Vasunsdhara Raje addressed the panicked Gujjar troop of Rajasthan. Assuring them, CM Raje said that along with the Gurjars, state government is in support of all SBC (Special Backward Category) castes and is bound to make necessary measures in their benefit. CM Raje urged the group people to keep faith in government, sustain some patience and not to go with the flair of provocation. She emphasised on the fact that state government will let the SBC class people to bear any kind of losses.

On Friday, CM Raje addressed five sarpanch, public representatives and people present in large quantity. People honoured CM Raje and presented their gratitude to CM for allotting a representative role to the community. They greeted the CM and thanked her saying that the community supports CM Raje. Gurjar females honoured CM Raje with Rajasthani veil (Odhni). CM Raje hugged them showing great affinity.

CM Raje assured them, that all 36 communities and the state is her family and she is always there to support and meet them. She said reliable words like “their difficulties are her difficulties”. She also said that, Raje government has always tried to put their best efforts and strived to make them available what they deserve. She said, they took all necessary steps and in future also will take decision with complete sensitivity.

CM Raje also expressed that, this is very necessary to move together for major development of the state. She also expressed the need of education for Gurjar youth and urged them to do well academically and contribute in state’s welfare. She also made them aware about people who use social media and other sources to provoke them for their own selfishness. She urged them to avoid all rumours and have faith in government.

On this occasion, Gurjar community representatives and five patels from Dausa, Swai Madhopur, Karauli, Bundi, Dholpur, Bharatpur, Nagaur and Alwar.


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