CM Raje Announced 50,000 New Jobs For Teachers Before June, 2017


State education minister Vasudev Devnani mentioned that, before the new academic year 2017-18 will start, many new teachers will be appointed. He remarked that, before June, 2017, state government will be appointing new teachers.

As per Devnani, recruitment procedure of second and third grade teachers have been completed. Now, just the appointment work is left which will done very soon in the year 2017.

Also, he indicated some changes in the syllabus of 10th and 12th standard courses.

Schools are also moving towards digitalisation and will be “cashless” soon.

Following the footsteps of PM Modi’s cashless schemes, Devnani said that the Rajasthan schools will also become cashless very soon.

He clearly mentioned that, state schools will be equipped with online transaction facilities in the near future and the fees will be submitted using POS machines. Significantly, Devnani too is attending “Jaipur Education Festival” in Delhi.

During elections, Raje government had promised 15 lakh new jobs in the state of Rajasthan. Till now, BJP Rajasthan has already stemmed more than 11 lakh jobs under Rajasthan Skill Development Programme. Now, with this initiative of providing 50,000 fresh jobs altogether in the field of education is a pioneer and big step by state government. By the middle of 2017, state government is intending to generate 1.5 lakhs new jobs. In 5 years of tenure, raje government has fasten belts to provide 20 lakh jobs within whole state.

CM Raje mentioned on the completion of 3 years of tenure that, skilled youth of the state can contribute very positively in state welfare. Resultantly, under Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Programme, 35,000 teachers were trained and upgraded for better job opportunities.

Raje government has taken the field of education under great consideration and making advance amendments in it. Rajasthan is equipped with n numbers of skill development centres and is progressively contributing in state’s legitimate advancement.


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