BJP President Ashok Parnami  Speaks His Heart Out At Mathura Encouraging Supporters In UP

Ashok Parnami

Uttar Pradesh elections are fast approaching and Rajasthan BJP has chosen its 30 ministers and 100 senior party workers for the campaigning of the elections. The team of campaigners mainly include the elite ministers and veteran party workers from places like Karauli, Bharatpur, Alwar and Dholpur districts of Rajasthan. The party has tried its best to avoid the caste controversies and has included ministers from Kota, Nagaur and also Chittorgarh. The ministers who have been given the responsibility of election publicity include Dr. Digambar Singh (former minister and the vice president of bisuka), MLA Anita Singh Gurjar, Vijay Bansal, Hiralal Nagar, Suresh Dhakad, Jagmohan Baghel  (president of livestock board) and Harish Kumawat (President of matikala board).The group also include active ministers from the districts of UP.

On 11th of February, voting will be conducted for the first phase in 73 VidhanSabha seats 15 districts. The 25 seats of Braj area of UP has major influence of BJP, so the party has mainly focused on these seats only. The ministers who are influential on border areas , both in terms of politics and acquaintances  have been chosen for the campaigning purposes. The dwellers of districts near the borders of UP like Bharatpur, Dholpur, Alwar and Karauli have relatives in those areas of UP. Thus, ministers from these districts will be able to put greater inputs in the election campaigns of UP.

Also, today, in Mathura district of UP, Rajasthan state president of BJP, Ashok Parnami  addressed the crowd and assured the supporters that alliance of SAPA and Congress will have no effect on UP election results and its only BJP which will come to power. Parnami also mentioned that, demonetisation has elevated the support bars for BJP and thus the chances of the party for coming in the power are dramatically high.


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