50% Interest Will be Waived Off For The Farmers On The Payment Of Expired Loan Amounts – CM Raje


CM Vasundhara Raje has introduced a big relief for the state farmers in the payment of interests of matured loans. CM Raje has introduced 50% concession in the payment of loan’s interest amount. CM has taken this decision in favour of the farmers who are not able to pay the loan amount on time.  In some previous years, farmers are facing big hurdles because of natural calamities and lesser production of crops.

During this, CM Raje instructed the cooperation minister Ajay Singh Kilak to provide relief to the farmers who are facing difficulties in the payment of loan amount. As per the given instructions, Minister, Ajay Singh Kilak mentioned that under the agreement, if farmers pay the amount of expired loans, they will be given concession on the interest amounts. Under this scheme, farmers’ recovery amount and major part of interest amount will waived off. Also, farmers will be given relief on 50% of the interest amount if they pay matured loans till July 1, 2016. Along with this, farmers paying amount for more than 6 years but less than 10 years will be provided concession of 40%. Farmers paying till 6 years of loan amount will be provided relief of 30% concession.

The scheme also has plans for the families of those farmers who are no more alive. The families of loanee farmers who are no more alive will be given relief on loan amount from the date of death.  Along with this, they will also be given complete relief on punishable interest amount and recovery expenses. They promptly mentioned that, the benefit of this scheme will be given to farmers with the help of 36 primary land development banks and their 133 branches. Minister Ajay Singh Kilak urged the farmers to pay the loan amount within the set time period of scheme to avail all benefits of it.


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