Arvind Kejriwal Threw A Hissy Fit Blaming PM Modi for Provoking Bureaucrats Against Delhi Government


Arvind Kejriwal threw another hissy fit blaming on PM Modi for some baseless accusations. CM Arvind Kejriwal named PM Modi for contacting Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung. He also said that, PM Modi is making bureaucrats against AAP government. Not only this, he also said that IAS officers have been threatened by the CBI and police officers.

Elaborating his accusations, he said, “They (IAS officers) are being threatened with ACB, police and CBI. They are being provoked to revolt against me. I know who all are taking money. IAS officers are being forced to meet and speak out against the Delhi government. LG is getting it done on the prodding of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)”.

Delhi CM addressed the press conference, paid heed on IAS officers. He recently, have passed a resolution against the “misbehaviour” by political executives. It is evident from this that, playing victim is the only thing he rely on to get the fair notice.

Kejriwal said that, “It has turned into a forum that only shields the corrupt and the inefficient”. His chief demands include power grant from Supreme Court for the elected government to maintain the discipline among the officials.

Kejriwal’s allegations has complaints about IAS association. According to him, IAS association is protecting all corrupt officers and have not raised any voice against the hurdles put up by the LG on unorganised colonies and unregistered clinics. Saying this, he is putting stress on promoting unregistered clinics which is never a safe thing to follow.

Before asking for such authorities, Delhi CM Kejriwal should practice some far-sighted approach in favour of country. Giving the control of bureaucracy will not only put the law and justice into a suspicious state but will also make the system more of politics centric.


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