As UP elections approach near, Akhilesh Yadav attacks PM Modi with another stroke of criticism


Nearing towards U.P elections, a brutal war-of-words was likely to be kicked off sooner or later, between the ruling party and opposition. The incumbent Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav taking the lead, took out a jibe at the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The CM is still dragging the issue of Demonetisation, even after more than 40 days passed post the announcement. Seems like points are contraction are being searched out to substantiate his accusation.

Yadav expressed that the dream of ‘Cashless economy’ is a much bigger dream than ‘Achche Din’.

The Chief Minister also pointed out that the decision of cash-clean up will be a big problem in the upcoming Assembly elections in the state.

“The dream of cashless economy is a bigger one than achche din. It is however for the government to see how it will be realized.”

Showing that Government has the onus to restore the economy’s GDP, he added,”It is for the government to see how it will work out the losses to the GDP but it is a fact the people had to face hardships and I have said earlier too that the government which pose problems are voted out by people.”

Reportedly, Uttar Pradesh is the first state which announced compensation for the families of those who allegedly died while queuing up in queues outside banks and ATMs. CM also announced compensation amounting Rs. 2 Lac for each family victimized owing to Demonetisation.

On speaking about the onset of Online transaction, the Chief Minister highlighted that online transactions has it’s own share of issues to solve. A person who claimed he was new to the world of’ Online transactions’ was caught for fraudulently dealing in another’s accounts.

After presenting cheques of Rs two lakh each to the families of 14 people who allegedly died while standing in bank queues, the Chief Minister said, “Anyone who becomes an expert in cyber crime will never be arrested.”

On being asked to explain how the election scene will be like, Yadav explicitly said, “ if everything is being affected including roads and infrastructure, why not elections ?”

“But if there is any scheme which farmers do not like or feel that they will not benefit from it what can UP government do.. it is for them to explain the benefits of their scheme to farmers and take their schemes to poor… take Jan Dhan Yojna, first it was stated that it is for the poor and when money was deposited it was termed as black money,” he said.


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