6 Reasons As to Why the Congress Leaders Play Dirty for Power


Ever since NDA, led by PM Narendra Modi came to power at the Centre, we’ve seen a series of dirty, conspiring tricks played by Congress and its supporters in thwarting BJP government’s success in Bihar, Goa, Jharkand and Karnataka. Now, with several controversies surrounding Centre’s currency ban, Congress leaders expect somewhat similar results in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand elections. But why do Congress leaders play dirty? Let’s find out.

Congress Has Long List of Reasons behind Washing Their Dirty Linen in Public


1. With Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi leading the party mantle, the future of Congress seems bleak. In short, the party possesses very less chances of coming into power since both the Gandhi’s are allegedly involved with controversies.

2. 3G, 2G and Commonwealth games are not the only popular names on the list. In last one decade of its tenure, Congress has been linked with major scams like– Coal Scam, Chopper Scam, Tatra Truck Scam, Cash-for-vote-Scam, Adarsh Scam, IPL scam and Satyam Scam. Owing to this long list of cons, the party leaders are terrified of being completely wiped out of the Indian political system.

3. Majority of party leaders as well as their supporters have been sentenced to imprisonment on the pretext of heinous crimes, criminal charges or white collar offense. Mahipal Maderna, Rasheed Masood and Suresh Kalmadi are some infamous names on the list.

4. In just ten decades of its rule, ex-Congress government’s members somehow accumulated property, assets and money worth multi millions. Party President Sonia Gandhi, is in fact among the top 21 richest politicians of the world, with assets worth $2 billion. Besides her, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Abhishek Sanghvi, Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot, Digvijay Singh belong to the million dollar club. Therefore, their biggest fear is the top brass ending up in jail due to unaccountable wealth.


5. Congress always plays the caste/religion card to acquire Muslim and minority votes. Due to the top front being slack in its policies, they’ve focused very little on development at the grassroots. Probably this is why they rely on minorities for votes.

6. Increasing popularity of Narendra Modi all over India is probably the biggest reason why they hold on to every controversy they can get their hand at. Whether it is demonetisation, surgical strike or foreign policy, Modi led BJP government clearly stand out from the crowd.

The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty of reasons behind their dirty politics. Every time they seem to have yet another trick up their sleeve! When will the leaders learn that dirty politics won’t do them any good. They will have to come up with something better and bigger to outshine Modi’s glory.


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