10 Key Alterations by ‘Rani of Reforms’: Rajasthan Government Revamps Existing State Laws


In a state cabinet meeting chaired by CM Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan CM will revamp 10 existing state laws to ensure better work standards in state. Here’s a brief outline of the new rules.

  1. Government Relaxes Qualification Criteria for Rajasthan Secretariat Appointments

Candidates applying for assistant jobs in Rajasthan Secretariat were expected to have a degree in Social Science earlier. Nevertheless, Rajasthan Government will make amendments in the Assembly Secretariat (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Act of 1992. As per new norms, graduates and post-graduates in any stream will be eligible to apply for assistant jobs.

  1. Grace Grants In case of Death or Injuries Sustained during Election Duties

New provisions laid down under 1996 Civil Service Pension Act offer grace grants to cover injuries and death of government officers employed for election duties. Rajasthan government upped the grace grant to 20 Lakhs for death and 5-10 lakhs for grave injuries sustained during election duties.

  1. Allotment of Government Lands for Civil Construction Projects

Rajasthan government has decided to lease government lands for construction of universities, hospitals and office buildings in state. Lands were allotted in the following manner:

  • Satguru Educational and Charitable Trust for Prithviraj Nagar Scheme and University in Ajmer
  • EESL ‘Energy Efficiency Service Limited’ for setting up of operational base in Jalana
  • India Development Service Institute for developing a Cancer Research Institute in Kota
  • Kota Municipal Development Trust for constructing a Command Hospital.
  1. Written Contract Mandatory for Tenants

Rajasthan government has revised Rent Control Act of 2001 to lay down new rules for tenancy. As per new rules, property falling under Jaipur Municipal Corporation area will be leased for Rs. 7,000 p.m. Other divisional properties will be rented for Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 2,000 p.m. A written contract will be drawn to cover all proceedings related to ownership and rent.

  1. Employees with More than 2 Kids can Now Apply for Government Services now

According to Rajasthan Civil Service Amendment Rule of 2016, employees having more than two kids can apply for government service in various department, provided their third child is a product of their remarriage after spousal death.

  1. 650 Posts in Department of Statistics

New appointments at the post of tax service officer in Statistics Department will be held through Rajasthan Public Service Commission (50%). Likewise, computer assistants will be appointed through SSB. This has created 650 new jobs in state.

  1. 50 New PHCs in State

Rajasthan government has decided to set up 50 new PHCs (Public Healthcare Centers) in the state. Accordingly, 25 existing primary health centers will be absorbed in District healthcare bodies to up their level.

  1. Tax Assistants to Get Promotion

Commercial tax officers receive promotion within 5 years (as opposed to 7 years earlier). The government has upped the promotion quota from 12.5% to 37.5%.

  1. Better Opportunities for Promotion in Excise Department

25% personnel working at Excise Guard grade II vacancy will be promoted to Grade I. Vacant posts in grade II will be filled through direct recruitments. The qualification criteria set for Class IV officers is till class VIII.

  1. Amendments in CRPC 1973 Act

Government has made revisions to CRPC (Code of Criminal Proceedings Act) of 1973 to digitalize court proceedings, especially the statements presented by the accused and witnesses. Moreover, the state will not register any case against judges, civil servants or magistrates before conducting a formal enquiry.


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