Yuuraj Singh Recalls His Hard Times Saying, “I Felt Like Giving Up After Being Dropped”

    Yuvraj singh in India Vs england
    India's Yuvraj Singh celebrates his century during the Cricket World Cup match between India and West Indies in Chennai, India, Sunday, March 20, 2011. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

    We all know about Yuvraj Singh’s tough times while he was trapped in shackles of deadly disease. Also, he has never hid his emotions and stories of hardships during that period. Recently, expressed that, he had feelings of giving up the game when he was dropped out of the team. The cricketer from Punjab has scored the highest in one day series.

    He expresses the agony like, “When I came back from cancer it was hard work. I was not performing and after being dropped I thought (about) whether I wanted to continue or not,” Yuvraj said, crediting `hard work’ for the change in his fortunes. “I don’t read newspapers, neither do I watch television. I don’t like to put too much pressure on myself. I had a good run in the Ranji Trophy, so was just waiting to make it count big”.

    In the Indian cricket team, players like MS Dhoni and Yuvraj have succeeded in delivering success, “MS and I we have previously won quite a number of matches for India. He has been an experienced guy and it was great to see the way he put it to use.”

    He did not forget being grateful towards Kohli for understanding his conditions.

    Eoin Morgan, an England player appeared little less in spirit and said that, “We messed it up with the ball again. At 253 we allowed two experienced guys to settle down. That was bound to hurt us. I am very disappointed. We believed we could make it. We have been learning all the time. It will be a good preparation for the Champions Trophy. The wicket (here) is not the typical Indian turner that one gets. It’s different. They are good batting wickets”.

    He promptly talked about IPL selections and said, “I would definitely want them (England players) to come and play in the IPL. The auction will be shortly here.”


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