Opposition Parties Cried The Blues Over Scheme Talks In 5 Poll-Bound States To Election Commission


    Election Commission Directed Not To Talk Any Schemes In Budget 2017

    As the government announced the early disclosure of budget, the outcomes are more of political as the opposition is not behind in throwing any tantrums. Also, now they are terming every speech of PM Modi as a stratagem to lure voters. To put a cease on this, election commission has introduced a new norm that parties cannot discuss the state level developments introduced. Cabinet Secretary P Sinha mentioned it like, “The Commission hereby directs that in the interest of free and fair elections and in order to maintain level playing field… no state-specific schemes shall be announced which may have the effect of influencing the electors of the five poll going states in favour of the ruling parties”.

    Resultantly, the ruling government would not be able to mention any of the developments in running five poll bound states in the budget presentation.

    Early this month, the Supreme court had granted the government to present the budget three days prior to the actual date, but to keep the matters conflict-free, Election Commission has taken this decision to put the conditions.

    Under these conditions, Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley should certainly not mention any of the developments and improvements in any of these five states as mentioned by the pioneer body of election commission.

    The decision is an outcome of the meeting held with election commission  by powerful rivals including Mayawati’s BSP, Trinamool, Samajwadi party, Janta Dal and RJD (Lalu Prasad). In this meet, all the parties pooled in their opinion to not mention any developments made by the ruling government.

    Seems like, India is ruled more by rival parties and less by the running government. Where any decision by the government leads to “Bharat Band”, again decided by the opposition and if government tries to mention the improvements made, so that people can be more aware, then, that is also ceased by the foster of opposition. Looks like, India is under the rule of “Local Englishmen”.


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