Two Jat Leaders Join Congress, BJP Unaffected By the Loss Of Runaway ‘Baingans’


Politics is all about reshuffling. As the ‘election season’ approaches near, we get to see political leaders who switch sides to join a new party, which appears politically stronger than its opponents. These so-called well wishers of the society find petty reasons like ‘difference in ideologies’ as a cover up for the shamble. In Hindi, we term these runaway benefactors as ‘Thali ka Baingan’. Why? Because they lack confidence in their party and go with the flow. We experienced something similar in Rajasthan, where 2 BJP Leaders switched their loyalty to Congress in order to fetch ‘caste-based’ votes for their party.

This Thursday, we saw 2 BJP stalwarts Hari Singh and Subhash Maharia from Shekhawati region, join Rajasthan Congress. In the welcome ceremony held at New Delhi office, Congress embraced them with open arms. State leaders, especially state Congress President Sachin Pilot, who’s projected as party’s imminent CM candidate, perhaps believe these ‘loyalists’ could lend a hand in restoring party’s lost credibility in the state.

Both of them have joined the party unconditionally and will work to uproot the BJP government in Rajasthan,” he said.

If we look at their history, we realize it’s a homecoming for ex-MP Hari Singh, who was a firm critic of state party chief Chandrabhan and former Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. Earlier in 2011, Singh cited “Irredeemable differences’ as the reason for his deflection from Congress. He came under BJP’s wing to try his luck  at 2013 & 2014 Lok Sabha Election. And now, since Gehlot is no more handling the party mantle in Rajasthan, Singh seems to develop ‘incorrigible differences’ with BJP, as well. So much for his loyalty!

Maharia shares somewhat similar sentiment as Singh. Who was once a 3-time Lok Sabha Minister under Vajpayee government, got expelled from BJP after he rebelliously contested against a fellow party member at Sikar in 2014. With the new ‘Jat’ leaders joining BJP, Congress is confident they’ll win some ‘Jat’ votes in the upcoming 2018 Rajasthan state assembly elections.

While regional leaders Randeep Singh, Pilot, Rameshwar Dudi and Narayan ceremony attended the induction ceremony, the absence of prominent leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Gurudas Kamat, CP Joshi and Gehlot was conspicuous. It seems ‘dinner diplomacy’ didn’t work in favour of old Congress leaders, after all. The fissures within the party have deepened because of ‘new’ ambitions and ‘old’ monopoly.

Whatever the opposition may say, it’s far from a setback for BJP who has managed to strengthen their hold in Uttar Pradesh after Congress Vice President Imran Masood and former state chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi joined BJP along with their supporters. It’s a happy time for BJP leaders who got rid of erratic elements without much efforts.


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