Trouble in ‘Gehlotvilla’- Congressmen welcomes Sachin Pilot in Gehlot’s territory!

sachin-pilot Gehlotvilla

If everything goes wrong in your life and everyone turns against you, look in the mirror and you will know the reason!

Yes, the above statement holds true for the ex-CM of Rajasthan and senior congressman Ashok Gehlot. His fellow congressmen and friends are turning into foes as the youngest party member and state PCC president Sachin Pilot outshines Gehlot in his own hometown, Jodhpur.

In a recent visit to Jodhpur, Congress workers swarmed in large numbers at the Jodhpur airport Sachin Pilot with garlands and slogans. Jodhpur, which is also the hometown of Gehlot, clearly gave indication of accepting his rival Sachin Pilot, as their unanimous leader.

The disappointed party members who were tired of following Gehlot around and still being neglected, have found the attention they were craving for with Pilot. PCC vice-president Rajendra Choudhary, who had left the party due to dissent with Gehlot, was re-included in the Congress by Pilot. Similarly, Hari Singh and Subhash Maharia were also re-included in the party by him even though they were Gehlot’s critic.

Former MP Badri Ram Jhakar, who was a confidant of Gehlot, also received more attention from Pilot as compared to Gehlot. Evidently, Gehlot has been betrayed by Jhakar as it was Gehlot who had paved the way for Jakhar’s candidature as Pali MP in 2009 general election. What created more stir in the party is the fact that Jhakar’s daughter, Munni Devi, who contested last election from Pali as a replacement of her father at the behest of Gehlot, also visited Pilot and discussed the party issues with him.

Congress is losing out on its own members to internal rivalry not only in Rajasthan, but also in the centre. The mother-son duo are standing against each other for the post of Congress president. While the members wants to give Rahul Gandhi a chance to run Congress, Sonia Gandhi is adamant on not leaving her seat as long as she is in the party.

In Rajasthan too, Congress members are constantly indulging themselves in petty politics by washing dirty linen in public.

The party which does not even respect the views of its own leaders, how can we expect them to rule the largest democracy of the world?


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